Wednesday, 31 July 2013

One of the MAIN things that creeped me out the MOST in Dublin last year...

There was pressure on the last day to become FACEBOOK friends...

We are friends on Facebook aren't we, we are going to be be friends on Facebook aren't we.... this came from Samantha Domingo and I am buddies with her boyfriend... it did not occur to me until a little while later, why was she so insistent we become FACEBOOK friends, WHY?

I will tell you why, apparently Marty Rathbun is awesome, he can really fly your ruds, floating needle, well NO I have not got one, but apparently Samantha Domingo does where Marty Rathbun is concerned. Marty Rathbun in his own admissions said he shredded information that detailed LISA MCPHERSONS DEATH.!

Why is Marty drifting off into the sunset to start a new life when Lisa McPherson is dead and died an horrific death of torture...WHY?

It's exactly the same as Susan Meister.

Scientology IS a law unto it's self and no one dare do anything about it...

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