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The Intelligence Chief


The Intelligence Chief

Purpose: To help LRH investigate public matters and Individuals which seem to impede human liberty so that such matters may be exposed and to furnish Intelligence required in guiding the progress of Scientology. (per PL 17/2/66).

To help Ron safeguard Scientology Orgs, Scientologists and Scientology be effectively carrying out all Intelligence activities which lead to the future prediction of areas of trouble and which lead to the resolution of such areas before trouble occurs;to ruthlessly prosecute all traitors damaging Scientology Orgs, Scientologists and Scientology to the end product of successful legal actions: to detect and handle the Suppressive exterior to Scientology Orgs and Scientologists who uses his power and position or the power and position of authorities to attempt to stop the forward progress of Scientologists and Scientology.

1. To direct the functions of the three branches of the Intelligence bureau.

2.To ensure effective investigation is done on persons or groups assessed as future or present sources of trouble.

3.To ensure data obtained from investigations conducted is used to deter utterly the traitor or the Suppressive from continuing his destructive actions.

4. To ensure that the Intelligence CIC board (Combat Information Center) is maintained in present time.

5. To ensure all Intelligence cross-filing is done correctly so that proper appreciation(evaluation which leads to the spotting of Trouble Sources) can be done.

6. To ensure that all actions not pertinent to the Intelligence Bureau are kept off intelligence lines and routed to the proper terminals in the Org for handling.

7. To ensure that intelligence files are divided into the two basic functions:the files having to with Traitors(Org members or former Scientologists) and exterior Suppressives (members of governments, groups or individuals out in society who are attacking or possibly will attack Scientology.

8. To ensure that clipping files are kept under headings of interest to Scientology so that studies of same can predict future actions and so that Intelligence investigations can be done to meet such situations or trouble or the date can be used to the benefit  of Scientology. Example: medical, psychology, psychiatry, etc.

9. To keep the Guardian and Founder advised of such future situations so that action can be directed along all possible fronts.

10. To see that monthly reports with regard SO No.1 letters is sent to the Guardian.

11. To use quantity of Ethics actions or deadfiles of an area or Org to assist the Guardian and the Founder in taking action necessary to handle possible incompetence or trouble in such areas.

12. To ensure that Intelligence Officers are appointed in all Orgs.

13. To ensure that all such Intelligence Officers report any emergency or attack on Scientology immediately to the Guardians Office WW, giving who attacked, nature of attack, when attack occurred or will occurr, where attack took place and source of date concerning attack.

14. To ensure all Intelligence Officers give summaries on all investigations being conducted and to see that such summaries report facts and facts only. No generalities, evaluations, suppositions or conclusions wanted. Only specifics and facts wanted.

15. To ensure that investigators submit proper reports and to ensure that proper investigation procedure is followed covering the time track of the individual concerned to discover any outness of facts or missing areas of time so as to locate hidden, undisclosed criminal actions.

16. To communicate useful data to other Guardian Bureaus, particularly legal and public relations.

17. To ensure that all Intelligence activities are productive and all Intelligence personnel are effective.

18. To be ever vigilant to the constant possibility of attacks from governmental areas, in particular attacks from medical, psychological and psychiatric agencies within government; from tax agencies within governments; and from governmental Immigration agencies.

19. To keep Ethics in on yourself and on your personnel so that Admin and Tech stay in.

20. To evaluate what investigatory actions are most important now and in the future.

21. To make things go right on your post.

22. To WIN in all Intelligence activities.

MSH writeup( Mary Sue Hubbard).


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