Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Channel 4 - Where religions and Ideologies meet

On the front page of The Sun today are the Headlines...


The controversial Mr. Ralph Lee boss of Channel 4 is at it again, does he want a religious war, one has to ask? Channel 4 will screen a full three-minute chant by Hassen Rasool, a muezzin or prayer call leader, from the start of Ramadan next Tuesday at 3am, and throughout the rest of ramadan

One wonders why Channel 4 is hell bent on provoking people...Channel 4 gives air time to scientologists on their 4thoughttv, plays reruns of the Simpsons repeatedly day after day with the voice of Bart Simpson making it seem really cool to be a scientologist. Bart Simpson's voice is that of  scientologist Nancy Cartright.

Recently Channel 4 aired a program named the dubious title of "Scientologists at War", where as the only war seems to be the one Channel 4 is creating by giving Scientology and scientologists credence, when they have none.

Perhaps your next title could be The NOI (Nation of Islam) joins forces with Scientology, then you could combine your Muslim call to prayer with the "Obliteration of Psychiatry". In one combined effort you could "Clear the Planet".

I have nothing against Muslims as such, I have friends who are Muslim, however, I do despair at the radical extremism that comes from some quarters and personally I have found Scientology to thrive on extremism.

Thank you for your little surreptitious message Terril, I am keeping them all, one day they may come in very useful.

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