Sunday, 28 July 2013

For ALL you Royalists

Recently, I have taken to reading Private Eye, a British magazine that comes out fortnightly, edited by Ian Hislop. it is brilliant and so funny!

The most recent addition has a front page that is totally blank except for the words

Woman Has Baby

and in tiny letters at the bottom of the page

INSIDE: Some other stuff

I love it! It's one of the best things I have seen in a long time...

I hate celebrity anything, when I bought this copy, I made a point of looking around at all the newspapers and magazines and they all said exactly the same thing, look what William and Kate did, they had a baby. A friend of mine said she was watching the news and had to turn it off, because "who is this, the new Messiah?" Hilarious!

Don't get me wrong, having a baby is a miraculous event for the parent, IT always will be, IT was for me with both of my children, they are a gift of some unknown GOD, but the Monarchy and Scientology are an unknown tax evasion!

I have purposefully  have not written anything about Leah Remini leaving Scientology, and I do so for one reason alone. YOU have to be a celebrity to make a point, NO!Leah Remini is beautiful and charming and a celebrity, but DID she EVER know L. Ron Hubbard? NO!

So, that makes me not a celebrity, it makes me 1.1 on the tone scale, it makes me non existant!

Well Thank You for that, your needle is floating!

End of session!

I would like to thank the following for making me 1.1 ( that's a degraded being, just in case you did not know) L. Ron Hubbard, Mary Sue Hubbard, Alan Vos, Jane Kember, Ollie Budlong, though it pains me Goran with a "above the 'O' Goran Anderson,Hana Eltringham,Janis Gillham, Terri Gillham, Karen de la Carriere, wife of Heber Jenzsch, Jill and Joe van Staden.

NO! We are NOT allowed to talk about that, we have to talk about Leah Remini quitting the cult of scientology.

Tell me Stephania, are YOU in the hole right now? God I hope NOT! Mark Pinchin, are YOU in the hole right now, I really hope NOT! Do you both have overts and withholds? DO YOU? What overts and withholds do YOU HAVE?

Mark Pinchin, I was so impressed with  YOUR interview with Alan Titchmarsh, where did YOU get that information from, huh!



Hello Jane Kember, Still doing your Guardians Office stuff all these years later, time for another trial, think you can face prison again at your age?

Come on Jane? We are waiting, in great anticipation!

Scientology IS the SCUM of the earth!, always has been, always will be!


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