Wednesday, 10 July 2013

46 years later, and I am still struggling with what they did to me...

So move on up a little higher Marty, move on up! I was a mere Commodore's Messenger and not a very good one at that, my GOD you have NO idea how much I hated him and his wife, MSH. They treated me like a piece of shit and all because my Father upset them. He was a traitor!...because he cottoned on to their motives...their agenda and if you don't think there was one... who's fooling who?

Have you ever been down in the bowels of a ship, Marty, where you were left to rot! You were forced to write the RIGHT thing, because IF you didn't -- there was NO ESCAPE. MY Liability formula was ripped up several times, because I would NOT lie... in the end I had to, it was my only escape. This is LRH, not David Miscavige, I was 11 years old, 11 years old and these people did this to me. Alan Vos told me I wasn't worthy of a signature on my Liability completion form. I wasn't worthy to rejoin the the group. Previous to that LRH had told me my family were secondary to Scientology. I was 11 years old.Please get this, 11 years old! Not some thetan that had lived for a billion years! A little kid! Lock me in the hold of a ship, bombard me daily with overboardings, make me go up the mast as punishment for laughing hysterically at the possibility of someone pushing a peanut round the decks with his nose, would YOU believe it, IF it happened to you at the age of 11?

Would YOU believe it? No you would NOT! Unless it happened to YOU, and I am sorely disappointed in YOU Janis for not backing me up here, but then you wouldn't would you?That would be telling yourself your whole life was a total LIE, wouldn't it, not to mention the money you made out of it, and YOU did make money out of it didn't YOU Janis? Thanks for the back up, when we were 11 and 12 years old we were best friends until we were put in the hold. Everything changed that day didn't it!

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