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Mike McClaughry - The True Story of LSD in toothpaste

Mike McClaughry:-LSD-Toothpaste THE TRUE STORY

Some times the human mind laughs at the absurdity of something that is totally unfathomable, something so outrageous that the mind cannot comprehend, so laughter becomes the outlet. In this kind of situation the laughter is a way of saying - how on earth can that be?

As a girl on the Apollo, I laughed when told 'all hands on deck, compulsory, LRH has a man on deck pushing a peanut around with his nose'. Absurd situation, so I laughed.My mind was trying to make sense of the unimaginable...once on the deck, the horror hit me and I stopped laughing.

Arnie Lerma also had LSD put in his toothpaste after Scientology raided his home...

In 1988, Scientology-connected group the Citizens Commission on Human Rights conducted a defamation campaign against Professor Sir Martin Roth, a Cambridge University professor of psychiatry. Material provided by the CCHR falsely alleged that experiments run by Professor Roth had damaged patients' brains with huge doses of LSD, led to more than 20 deaths in an Australian hospital, and maimed human subjects in Canada. The Newcastle Times, which had published an article based on the CCHR material, admitted the falsity of the allegations and paid substantial libel damages in 1990.[57]

Scientology in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hubbard continued to write to the FBI's Department of Communist Activities. He asserted that the Russians had on three occasions tried to recruit him, and were upset by his patriotic refusal to work for them. By now, Hubbard felt that his organizations had been harassed from the outset not only by psychiatrists but also by Communist infiltrators. He claimed that the most recent approach was from an individual with a position in the U.S. government. 7

A few months later, Hubbard again complained of Communist infiltration into Scientology organizations. He cited examples of Scientologists suddenly going insane, and attributed this to psychiatrists using LSD. He made no suggestion that Scientology itself might have had anything to do with these eruptions of insanity. He alleged that since offering his brainwashing techniques to the Defense Department, his organizations had been under constant attack. 8

In September 1955, Hubbard published an issue entitled "Psychiatrists," calling Scientology "the only Anglo-Saxon development in the field of the mind and spirit," and insisting that Scientologists inform the authorities if they suspected that any of their clients had been given LSD surreptitiously by a psychiatrist.

The FBI tired of Hubbard's missives, and stopped acknowledging them. One agent wrote "appears mental" on a Hubbard letter. Hubbard later privately admitted to having taken LSD himself. 9

CIA MIND CONTROL: LSD - The Mind Benders | Documentary Film ...



Scientology's Obituary and we will see it I am sure...

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