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This looks fun doesn't it? Scientologists should not be allowed anywhere near children...period!

The Church of Scientology Celebrates the Holiday Spirit With Foster Children

and believe me I KNOW...look at the rag around my arm...LIABILITY...L. Ron Hubbards ETHICS solution...whatever you do, don't talk to Greek boys...

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Eleven years old and hey, L. Ron Hubbard was hit by a freight train on Venus...

and you might think this is pure parody, unfortunately it isn't. This is what he wanted everyone to you know what is scary...they DID! The Scientologists that is...When you have the Chief of the Metroplitan Police praising these know you are fucked! No nice way to say it...but this IS what we had in 2006. Strangely...this IS not a typing's meant to be. I want you to see...
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Until the 16/10/2009 I had never heard of Montessori, Scientology yes, Montessori, no. Would I have linked the two together,no.

The person I was with has been a long time protester against Scientology and he felt I was mistaken in my thinking.I had a gut feeling, because of the way it was set out.Made to look very different, yet at the same time the same.If I had seen the Montessori building any where but East. Grinstead and right next door to the humorously titled "Effective Education Center", I wouldn't have given it a second thought.

Except to think, that looks like a nice place to go have a look at, possably taking my young children to their child care and teaching facilities. Place that same building any where else, with its Offsted approved and supported by the Times and Daily Mail stickers, and what do you have - great packaging. It says "come in and visit, we are a great kid friendly place for your child to grow and learn" Regardless of anything else, once inside are you then won over sufficiently to place your children in the care of a money grabbing cult without realising that years down the line your child will be indoctrinated sufficiently to eventually be conned into joining the Sea Org and becoming one of the elite of the world.What they will not tell you is we need "wog" children because we have aborted most of our own.

Thank you Jono, I personally had no idea about the Montessori link, now I will make it my business to know and also to inform others.

Scientology is always worse than you think.

Look at our brokenness.
We know that in all Creation
Only the human family
Has strayed from the sacred way.

Teach us love,compassion,honour
That we may heal the earth
And heal each other.(part of an Ojibway prayer)

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