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Letter to Special Investigations Division from B T Loftus Re: John McMaster

October 21 1971

Dear Mr. McHale,

This confirms our telephone conversation of October 18 1971, concerning a letter we recieved from Reverand Terry Milner of the Church of Scientology of California, Los Angeles, California, concerning  Mr. John McMaster.

Mr. McMaster was the first "clear" in Scientology. His "state of clear" was announced by the Scientologists with much publicity, and he has toured much of the world as a public relations for Scientology.He broke with Scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard, in 1969.

Mr. McMaster has advised us that he never believed that Scientology is or was a religion. He said he had on occasion appeared on telivision programs and at public gatherings wearing a black suit and Roman collar because Mr. Hubbard had asked him to. To him, Scientology is a secular thing, a science; and whereas he has eschewed its religious overtones he still practises as an "auditor". He uses the E-meter, and he cures people, and he believes auditing cures people.

I interviewed Mr. McMaster in Los Angeles in 1970, when we were preparing for the re-trial of the E-meter seizure action in the District of Columbia. Mr. McMaster and other former greats of Scientology had indicated their willingnes to testify for the Government. For a number of resons, it was decided that the Government did not need these people as witneses. While I was in Los Angeles, on that trip,three former important scientologists told me their lives had been threatened and that in one way and another they had been placed in jeopardy by the Church of Scientology. We have previously given details on this to Mr. Hank Marsh of your office. All three claim they have been robbed by Church of Scientology people. One was assaulted personally.

A few weeks ago we recieved a telephone call from Mr. McMaster who now resides at Laguna Beach, California. He told me, among other things, that his life had been threatened again. We sent you a copy of my memo of that conversation.

For your information. Mr. McMaster is a cherubic looking individual, small of frame and effeminate in his mannerisms and speech. Every time he has spoken to me he has mentioned that the Scientology people have accused him of being an homosexual and he has averred that they do this in an attempt to destroy his reputation. I suspect that Mr. McMaster is emotionally unstable.

We are now in receipt of Reverend Milner's letter. As you can see, Reverend Milner says bad things about Mr. McMaster: he calls him a homosexual; suggests he is a drug user; suggests that in the past he has been of interest to the FBI, Customs and other regulatory bodies. All or none of these allegations may or may not be so, but they would be of little or no interest to FDA whether true or not. We do believe that the Milner letter tends to confirm Mr. McMaster's statements that the Scientology people are "out to get him". We are not impressed with Reverend Milner's representation that the intent of his letter was to help guide Mr. McMaster into competant professional hands.

We have not answered or acknowledged Reverend Milner's  letter and we will not dod so. We do not know whether the Milner letter violates any postal statutes, but we are referring it to your for what ever value it may have to your.

Sincerely yours,
B T Loftus

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