Monday, 28 December 2015

At this point in time, I have only one thing left to say, Russia has it right! Ban the bastards!

We'll go with the informal definition of that! That will be definition no 2,it rhymes with poo...and that is is all is a total pile of shit!

Here's a little pointer for future children trying to tell their story, even when the media are SO wrong...don't ever try and tell them. Just like in Scientology, you will become Non-Existant! Do you really want that? You have already been there, do you want to go through it yet again? You will be sold, silly little bread crumbs from the "GO 2 Guys"", and it will be from the GO 2 guys, Guardians Office 2 = OSA (office of Special Affairs). They will try to make you look stupid, even when you are not, because they are trying hard to cover up their crimes...

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