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Lawrence Brennan...

Speaking Out About Organized Scientology


Larry Brennan told me he would be vilifiled by scientology because he wasn't really a man he was a woman, Private messages...I was both in denial and horrified and he/she knew it. I say that because when I first met him on the internet he was a he and then he wrote me a letter and he was a she and I did not know quite how to take this initially, but then I remembered something...

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Bizarre, I know, but I was probably 4/5 years of age but I never forgot was talked about in the school playground a lot.



I haven't finished, but it is late and I have to go so, I will leave you with this...

 I first met Lawrence Brennan on the XSO behind closed doors website, the Sea Org out of the Sea Org...only, are they?  I have learnt along the way, that the best 'cover' is to appear to be declared. Makes sense if you think about it! Now, whilst Scientology does not make sense and was never supposed to, can't have Scientologists thinking outside the box can we? GO (Guardians Office) and their counterparts OSA (Office of Special Affairs) may appear to be completely stupid, but, I don't buy that. Don't get me wrong, I personally saw the idiot that Tom Cruise and his BFF sent along to me.It was pure and plain spying, but I wasn't supposed to realise because he said the word Xenu and I did know it was weird, but not totally till I saw the little scottish guy with the BFF, Tom Cruise and David Miscavige . Strange, but true, DM sent along with little scottish guy a younger version of himself. It IS meant to mess with your head...

Anyway...getting back to Larry Brennan when he was still Larry, he sent me a poem and it made my heart was for his daughter... The Birth of a Faery...Brennan’s poetry...later in further correspondence he/she said "Did you not realise this was written by a woman?" We had many of these discussions and I tried very hard to put myself in Larry's position, but how could I know? I had never been in this position, ever! I really felt for this person...Larry as I knew him and NOW Denise? The unfathomable...I always wanted to meet him, alas that never happened, but I treasure our correspondence. I struggled with our new relationship, woman to woman, opposed to man to woman, but who knew the most about this, not me...he/she did. Denise Brennan had more compassion than I can ever muster, or pretty much more than most other people on earth can and why is that? We covered all of this, so I am going to cover it with you here...Imagine being born a boy or a girl, but you think you have got the wrong body. How devastating must that be? And, humans being human treat them like vermin! Ask yourself, did they ask for it? NO!

It's a genetic mutant, it could happen to anyone. Thank your lucky stars IT DID NOT HAPPEN to YOU!

Transcript of Larry Brennan Radio Show re Scientology ...


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This was the little daughter he wrote the poem about...he was in his Sea Org uniform...The Special Unit.

When he/she wrote me about all this, it was the last thing on earth I expected to happen and he kwew it. I thought it was some kind of weird scientology shit...we are not done with you yet, lets mess with your brain even thought you escaped as a child...hahahahah!

This has not been easy for me to write and I know Lawrence/Denise did not find it easy either by NO stretch of the immagination...and I am going to leave you with a few links...

More than any single person, Ursula was responsible for pulling off this event.

I left for Germany on September 2 flying from Manchester, NH to Newark, NJ where I changed planes and got on a flight to Hamburg. I had a fairly long layover in Newark. While I was waiting for my plane to Hamburg in Newark a man kept coming up to me for small talk. He seemed friendly enough but I could tell he had something to do with organized scientology just by how he acted. He went away a few times but just kept coming back to me to chat. Finally he handed me a paper and said that I seemed like a nice guy and that someone asked him to give me this paper.

I laughed and asked him who that might be that asked him to do this. He said "just someone" and then he hurried away. What it was was a photocopy of a two page report from "Freedom Magazine" in English about the upcoming Hamburg event which contained OSA's version of information about Ursula,

Anonymous, Christian Market, Jason, Marc, Graham and myself.
I believe that OSA was trying to scare me or something like that. Obviously they knew my flight schedule that was between the government of Hamburg and myself. They also were able to get a private eye through security at the airport to give me the papers when no one but ticketed passengers were supposed to be able to be where I was. Woooooo I was SO scared. lol

I just laughed as I read while waiting for my plane as the lies were so obvious and the entire concept of the "article" was so insane (the four of us speakers being Anonymous and how Anonymous had infiltrated the German government, yak, yak, yak with the typical organized scientology paranoia and lies).
I laughed at how they said they had somehow "unmasked" us four and then showed pictures of all of us at earlier Anon raids unmasked and with different masked Anons. That was their big investigative report? LOL In the case the picture of me with arms around two Anons in Boston it was a picture some Anon in Boston was kind enough to take with my camera when I asked him to do so. I sent it to Dawn Olson at Glosslips to post on her site just before she did a radio show with me as a guest. So it was meant for the general public. Yet Freedom Magazine had somehow "uncovered" it LOL

Anyway, when we all got to Hamburg on Sept 3 I found out that Graham, Jason and Marc also got flyers from our friends in OSA while they were at the airport in Los Angeles. The difference with theirs is that their copies were in German and they were given them in a non secure area.
Although there were a couple of friendly PIs at our hotel there were also German police there to protect us if needed. We were pretty much constantly under some form of escort whether it be Jason and Marc in police cars or others of us in cars with people who worked with Ursula.

We had to change our hotel rooms after the first night as OSA was finding out what rooms we were in using some wacko "covert op" of being Federal Express calling to try to deliver something to our rooms (as if Fed Ex even goes to individual rooms at hotels). Anyway they were pathetic in trying to stop us. The police there I believe scared them away from doing much more.

As we all were chatting on the evening of Sept 3 more information had come in about the "first string" of Moxen et al that had arrived to "handle us" and that they had filed a legal action with a German court to stop the event that was to happen on Sept 4. Another action was filed to at least get their speakers included at the event should the first action not be successful.

While we chatted over drinks at the hotel on the evening before the event, I gave my opinions on what OSA would try and why this would be historic. I mean here we were under guard having drinks the night before and as we chatted so much else around was taking form. This included Anonymous arriving from around Europe and possibly elsewhere getting ready for their huge part in all this. It included Miscavige sending his "first string" of lawyers and PR people to handle us. It included the press, TV and writers arriving in numbers. And it included governmental representatives arriving from a number of countries as well as private individuals and cult awareness groups from several countries arriving.

And all this was converging on "entheta town" (as Ursula proudly calls Hamburg) as we spoke.
The only part where I was disappointed was that all four of us speakers wanted to go out and join Anonymous between Sept 4 and Sept 6 but were asked not to do so by German government reps in charge of our security. There were not concerned with the Anons who they welcomed. They were concerned for our safety due to fears of what OSA might do. I still wanted to go out with the Anons but respected our hosts' repeated requests not to do so.

From the postings I saw, I believe it has already been made clear that in addition to a variety of actions carried out by Anonymous, that there were two "events" involving the four of us speakers. Those two events that were pretty much already covered were the group talks to press, TV and writers in the morning of Sept 4 as well as the big event itself early that evening.
I will not cover them here as you all have heard it already and this posting is going to be too long anyway.
What is not generally known are that those two events were not even close to the only things going on with Ursula's folks and the speakers. A few of the other things going on there between Sept 4 and Sept 6 included:

(i) there were many individual meetings between a speaker and either a government rep, a writer, a reporter or a TV person. Much, much more will be coming out of all this over the next weeks and months. Obviously I will not go into detail here but stay tuned for much more to come.

Of note was that on Sept 3 a new book was released in Germany about Scientology written by Frank Nordhausen and Liane Billerbeck called "Scientology Wie der Sektenkonzern die Welt erobern will". I will leave it to our German friends to translate this title. The front cover has a big picture of the Berlin "model org" building on it at night. A picture of the book and some information on it can be found in German at:

Frank is the writer that I talked about interviewing me in Berlin last September (in my earlier linked report about visiting Ursula in Sept 07). I got a copy of the book. Although my name is listed briefly in several places in the book, I have no idea what it says so cannot report on that. Hopefully it's interesting and of some value.

(ii) on Saturday, Sept 6 there were additional meetings with others that involved governmental reps, TV and press. Again watch for much more to come out shortly. BTW, there are other strings about a new German film just being released in schools about organized scientology. It included a short preview re chats with a number of people including Tory and Mike P. Well that will be in full swing in schools shortly as well as a version released on German TV very shortly. I am not telling anything here not already known by our OSA friends.

(iii) lastly, there was a very important long meeting with concerned governmental reps from a number of countries on Sept 5. I cannot go into details on this for obvious reasons but I can say that there is much to come from various governments in the direction of protecting their people from the lies, abuses, fraud and other crimes coming from organized scientology. This IMHO was the most important of all the meetings but again is the one that will be mentioned the least. Marc H (BFG) has already posted how we met with government reps from different countries and how things will be happening with them. I'll just add that I agree with that.
As I sit and look back at the last week in Hamburg, I truly do see the beginnings of major things soon to happen with respect to fighting the lies, abuses and crimes of David Miscavige and organized scientology.
On the one side I see organized scientology come out with one lie after the other. Frankly I am amazed that they even admitted that I was in their corporate department and only lied by saying that I assisted attorneys and accountants to make my job somehow seem less important (I actually ran them for Miscavige, not assisted them). It's also funny to see other lies about lots of little things even things like I live at my mother's when the fact is I have her live with me rent free to help take care of her as she needs the help and as I had promised my father I would do same when he was on his deathbed years ago. Leave it to organized scientology to try to spin such a family matter with lies.

God, almost everything they say is a lie as they try to hide the horrible things they do and as they try to hurt anyone who will stand up to them,

One of the things that most choked me up both at the main Sept 4 event as well as in numerous interviews later had to do with Anonymous and ex scientologists. I love what Anonymous is doing to spread the truth all over the world and I love the spirit of how they approach things and do so without central control. I could go on and on about all the things I like about this amazing phenomena.
But what brings tears to my eyes the most is knowing how so many people who have been abused by organized scientology can now speak out because of the Anonymous phenomena. Many of us know of so many ex scientologists who have been afraid to speak out for a number of reasons such as fear of reprisals from Miscavige and his goons including family disconnection being used against them. Yet now I know of more and more of them joining Anonymous, donning the mask and going forth to help speak out in their own ways.

We all do what we can in our own ways. I just greatly appreciate it that more and more people can and are coming forth in the name of what is right to do something in their own way.
What was done in Hamburg last week was a small but important part of all this. What is to come from it IMHO will be far more epic.

Final note: In late July some Anon made a posting in about this event to come in September. It listed who was sponsoring it, where it would be held, who was speaking and on what they were speaking. Much was posted about it in the weeks that followed including that press and governmental reps from other countries were coming. Anonymous made it very clear they were assembling and would be participating. This has been an "IN YOUR FACE" to David Miscavige for weeks now. It let him know that the truth was coming and there was not a damm thing he could do about it to prevent the truth from coming out. This and the things connected with this past week was BY FAR the biggest public exposure of Miscavige's abuses and crimes to date.

All of Miscavige's attempts to intimidate others and to lie using his Legal. PR and Intelligence "might" failed miserably in the face of truth and all those who stood to get the truth out. IMHO, he should expect more, MUCH more.

IMHO the age marked by the rise of Miscavige and the abuses and crimes perpetuated by him and organized scientology will end as more and more of the truth gets out. Sadly it may take some real time but it WILL end.
Larry Brennan

Larry Brennan's report on German Anti-cult Meetings

Larry Brennan

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The fourth and last speaker from the Hamburg symposium on Scientology’s impact and reach within the U.S. has been posted byAboutScientology.  Larry Brennan presents a wealth of knowledge to the German government officials, media and Anons in the audience.

Larry Brennan - Kiwi Anon which appears to be defunct for some time now, strangely enough...whatever!

Use this link to access the audio files:

I don't recall any audio interview file getting 470 downloads in one day, ever.. and that from a posting to a newsgroup and one mention on a discussion board thread.

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Apparently a lot more people than I thought are attentive to the threat posed by hubbard's elaborately cloaked as self-help and demonic, hypnotic charade to turn people into fascists and failing that, into obedient slaves, controlled by his every word.


Read Gary Weber's apology
Twenty years later, the man pictured above in that uniform contacted this writer, to write his apology, for the deceitful actionshe engaged in while he was under L Ron Hubbard's hypnotic spell, to John Travolta, Mayor Gabe Cazares, writer Richard Leiby and the good citizens of Clearwater Florida, which we webbed here - LINKHis apology was covered by an article LINK in Capitol Hill's "The Hill" newspaper - read by more US congressional and senate staffers than any other single publication.

Since the publication of his story Mr Weber has repeatedly reminded me and emphasized that his own spiritual growth, which he felt had been being held back due to his previous support of scientology, then began to rocket forward after he settled the karmic balance in his life by merely, doing the right thing

I felt Mr Brennan's radio broadcast and the earlier comment by BTs2Free made this a perfect moment to mention this, as to speak your mind, to tell the whole of the truth, is the dichotometric opposite of what every single action, no matter how big or how trivial, of scientology's Office of Special Affairs - OSA (OSA Logo below)


is contrived and expressly directed to pursue.

Their goal is SILENCE.

"never again"

Arnie Lerma
I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak

Do you THINK scientology works?
Then read THIS PAGE here on XENU.NET

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Arnie is right, their GOAL is SILENCE! So I am now going to refer you to a relatively new dead agenting site which I found by accident yesterday whilst looking at the CIA MKULTRA. Mr. Gottlieb

Sidney Gottlieb - Spartacus Educational

 You may have to look a lot of things up, but it is educational, I am not going to hand it out on a the research.

CIA MKULTRA Collection - The Black Vault

and how did I come across it, don't just look at the first two or three pages, delve deeper, and do you know what caught my eye 'Amos Jessop', a very old friend of mine...

Part II: Amos Jessup and the Amazing Moroccan Missions ...

Did you know, the CIA under Nazi experimentalists gave people LSD and told them about it when they were man jumped out of a window several storys up...I would like to see the blacked out bits...

How does someone shoot themselves in the head and are found with their arms crossed? Come on? Are you stupid? Are you stupid or what?

I am now going to throw this in to the works... Lisa McPherson...
"Rathbun concluded the notes had to go. 'I said, "Lose ’em" and walked out of the room,' he recalled, adding that the decision to destroy the records was his own." (St. Petersburg Times, June 22, 2009)

Lisa McPherson Memorial Page: killed by the Church of ...

September 1995: In a ceremony at the Fort Harrison Hotel, Lisa McPherson is publicly declared "clear," a state in which a Scientologist is said to be free of inhibitions caused by painful images in the subconscious. In her last five years, McPherson spent more than $175,000 on Scientology counseling. She is 36.

Lisa McPherson case: events leading to the death of ...

Susan Meister...
Susan Meister | They Should Not Have Di

Letters of Susan Meister to her family
Dear Family, I just had a session an auditing session
I feel great! Great GREAT! and my life is EXPANDING EXPANDING and it's All Hurry Up: Hurry, Hurry SCIENTOLOGY
Be a friend to yourselves Get into this stuff Now - It's more precious than gold it's the best thing that's _ever_ever_ever_ever_ come along.
Love, Susan
 It's more precious than GOLD! And then you shoot yourself in the the head, that is so precious, you kill yourself. I see ISIS here and for the greater good you are prepared to kill yourself and others in your 'religious' beliefs.The trouble with this story is...I do not believe she killed herself, I believe somebody else shot her, to shut her up!With can scare them to death, with some adults, not so likely, I guess it depends on what you have got on them, hey!

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