Saturday, 5 December 2015

Keep on Trying..

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Image result for hubbard and tomatoes
Image result for hubbard and tomatoes

You do not speak about the children that you personally overseered in the hold of the ship...myself and Janis Gillham...remember Hana...I do! I remember only too well. I wish I did not...but I DO! Dirty grey rags around your arm, you had to argue about going to the toilet and you were fed fucking bread and water. Come on Hana sort yourself out. I have had private messages with you and you were freaked out, far more than I, that was very telling and why I decided I could not talk to you anymore.

I want to hear it from you, publicly, like all your other videos.

so we can talk about things that no one else will talk about,really! You sent me a picture and I sent it to someone I have faith in, we'll see won't we?

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