Sunday, 13 December 2015

May the Force be with you...

In the midst of having to be politically correct and not offending anyone the Lords Prayer was banned from British cinemas before the start of the Star Wars latest movie...

Vicar and Star Wars-mad children make hilarious spoof of the Church of England Lord's Prayer advert... only for Sony to ban it for 'copyright infringement'

East London vicar Cris Rogers landed in hot water with Sony after making a Star Wars-themed parody version of the Church of England Lord's Prayer film banned in UK cinemas.

Good points all round, I know I personally would be extremely offended if I went to the cinema and an advert for Scientology came up on screen. The gentleman in the above video from the BBC was quite right in his synopsis 'that it would give way to all sorts of religions and cults and cause all sorts of legal proplems'.

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