Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Lonesome Squirrel

[PDF]Lonesome Squirrel - Apologetics Index

The Real Steve Fishman Home Page

I've been reading Fishman's book, "Lonesome Squirrel",  a rollicking yarn about a corrupt organization gleefully exploiting a sociopath who is happy to oblige. Someone should make it into a movie. 

Quote "Suicide is a very interesting topic in scientology. The cause of suicide, according to the Admiral, is "Teraculi Apathia Magnus", which he admittedly explains is "Latinated nonsense" for something called "The Sad Effect". Ron defines this when he states "Neglecting or overwhelming an ARC Break, where the preclear shows anger or antagonism will cause the preclear to drop into the Sad Effect. This is a state of great sadness, apathy, misery and a desire for suicide and death." End quote.pages 480 -484...there is more

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