Saturday, 16 May 2015

Evil, Brainwashing...CULT

I went to London today, never went near a scientology building and never saw any scientologists that I know of...

Strange thing, something I have never seen in Oxford Street before...JWs (Jehova Wittnesses) were at every underground entrance with copies of The Watch Tower and other promotional material...just an observation...judgement day must be getting ever closer...

Along one side of the road was a sight I personally have never seen...about 8-9 young men, one holding a placard that said "Death to America" and underneath "as told by God". I was quite startled by this, another of these men held another poster which had the 12 commandments by the God of Islam. I wondered where the Police were? I found the whole thing very disturbing...some men were handing out leaflets about Islam...I only knew this, as the word 'Islam' was in much larger letters on the leaflets and I could see this as I passed by.

Med boats' secret cargo - jihadis bound for Britain: ISIS terrorists are being smuggled into Europe by posing as refugees, intelligence analysts fear

My main thoughts on this were...actually still can someone have posters up like this in a  over crowded main city shopping street in London today, with all the threat of terrorism in the UK and America? And what about Charlie Hebdo? I found it both bizarre and extremely intimidating.

When I think of all the protests that were held in Tottenham Court Road against the 'church' of scientology and the amount of Police presence because the 'church' of scientology felt intimidated by the annonymous group and the word 'CULT' it actually beggars belief. For anyone that doesn't know, the human traffic flow on Tottenham Court Road compared to Oxford Street is insignificant...Oxford Street has shoppers in their thousands...Where were the Police?

One young man 'Epic Nose Guy' was arrested because he had the word 'CULT' on his picket sign, it was seen as derogatory...he did get off, but what a waste of Police time.

Epic Nose Guy, over 2yrs on, still used in newsmedia civil liberty arguments

The Epic Nose Guy incident from 2008 gets a mention in this article on scarificing liberties for "the war on terror"

Sacrificing our liberties won't win the war against terror
Use the justice system against terror suspects
– don't corrupt it by criminalising us all, argues Dominic Raab

The Telegraph (UK) 25th Oct 2010
the relevant snippet....

Prretty amazing that this incident is still being used by newsmedia in civil liberty arguments as a principle for doing the right thing. Nose Guy was indeed epic.

Some previous ENG thread history:

His face is nose. His epic is epic.

Epic Nose Guy, over 2yrs on, still used in newsmedia civil libert


Another young annonymous guy was told by a Police Officer in East Grinstead to remove his sign or face arrest, this was in front of me...

'Brainwashing and Evil'

Whilst protesting in Brighton there was a certain chicken that the Police were interested in...

On the day this Police Officer was asking the anons who they were, I approached him and said do you want to know who I am...he said "we know all about you..."

So, you tell me how the hell someone can stand in one of the busiest shopping streets in London with a placard that says "Death to America"?????

I did see a Police car crawling along Oxford Street about an hour later heading in that direction...lets hope they did something about it...apparently 'you can do something about it''s just most of the time it falls on deaf ears...

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