Saturday, 16 May 2015

A Little bit Uncomfortable?

Hana Whitfield Interview on L Ron Hubbards early abuses

but I have a big problem with it, she will not talk about the Commodores Messengers. She was privy to this. Her friend was Yvonne Gillham. Can't talk about locking one of her own children in the hold...can't deal with that...hey! But, we will deflect...that's a nice word isn't it...deflect! LRH wanted sexual relationships with Yvonne Gillam/Jenzsch...that changes everything doesn't it?And I don't have to say I Locked Yvonne's daughter in the hold of the Apollo, and Yvonne's daughter would not want you too, either. It would give a devastating account of LRH, wouldn't it?

When I first read about you on line I thought you were good,my opinion has sorely changed over time, after all you were the jailor of an 11 year old and 12 year old and whilst she may be brainwashed, I am not!

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