Monday, 11 May 2015

Paulette Cooper

A few months ago, due to a certain set of circumstances, I would not give this the time of day, it's not that I would not give Paulette the time of day, because I most certainly would every time, if asked...which I never am.

Paulette Cooper epitimises the reason I know scientology to be a complete fraud, and I know because I was there when scientology was running black ops, I might have only been a child, but I was not totally fucking stupid either.That is why I escaped, aged 12.

It was more than apparent there was some totally crazy shit going down...

I put this here in public interest only for Paulette I going to pay full price for the way...I have already paid my price...

As seen in the Daily Beast: ‘The Unbreakable Miss Lovely’ is on sale and ready to startle you, May 11, 2015, ... artle-you/

1. Major news blog, The Daily Beast, writes glowingly about 'Unbreakable,' at Scientology's First Victim, review by M.L. Nestel, at ... ictim.html
2. Narconon in Australia pays fine, must rewrite ads, after found using deceptive practices
3. 'Unbreakable' paperbacks available today in the UK, tomorrow in the US. Kindle downloads at midnight on Thursday!!

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