Monday, 25 May 2015

Look what the've Done to my song Ma

Tony Blackckburn on radio Two today said and I quote...improvised..."Jazz and crime are not far apart"

and here we have the jive aces, scientology's jazz swingers...

Jive Aces tried to lure me into cult

Ex-member tells
of 'brainwashing' bid

Jiving 'em wild ... Aces on Saturday night's BGT

Jiving 'em wild ... Aces on Saturday night's BGT
3 years ago
A FORMER member of Britain’s Got Talent stars Jive Aces claims the band tried to “brainwash” him into becoming a Scientologist. Guitarist Johnny Gunner says the other members tried to control his behaviour after they joined the religion — and he felt relieved to leave the band.

They don't team up...they are part of the Sea Organization...that calls itself the eccleastical part of a church...Akuna Matarta

Jive Aces Team up with the Church of Scientology - Say No ...




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