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The Gospell According to Saint Bastard

21 Nov 2013, 2 comments

New video up...

TJ lost an eye due to lack of health and safety within the most ethical and eccleastical church on this planet, NO compensation, just a Sec Check...

Scientology Secrets - Security Check Children - Xs4all

The "Johannesburg Security Check" or "Joburg Confessional" is well-known among the critics of Scientology. Here it is as official HCO PL:

Well, that must have been helpful, just about as helpful as giving out 'the way to happiness' booklets to people who have had their entire world ripped out from under them in Nepal...

Here's yet another press release from the cult:

Scientology Assists Bring Miraculous Relief to Victims of Nepal Earthquakes

In one of the legion of tent cities that ring Kathmandu in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquakes, a woman lies on a mat surrounded by members of her family. She is motionless. She doesn't turn her head. She seems almost dead — and very nearly was.

The woman was buried beneath rubble for 24 hours after her home crashed on top of her, caved in by the massive earthquake on April 25. It was as though every bit of her energy was sapped by that ordeal. She screamed for hour upon hour, desperate to be heard and rescued before it was too late.

The story of how she came back to life is a familiar one to those who have worked with Scientology Volunteer Ministers at a disaster site. Her seemingly miraculous recovery from her deep despondency came from a volunteer performing a Scientology assist.

Assists are very basic techniques that are much more powerful than they might initially appear. Anyone can learn to perform a simple assist in a matter of minutes, helping to address the emotional and spiritual factors that can precipitate and prolong trauma and injury.

Seeing the woman is such deep apathy, a Volunteer Minister began a "locational assist" — orienting her to the environment by simply having her look at her surroundings. Her family was amazed when, after only a few minutes, the woman stood up for the first time in a week, visibly improved in tone and activity. The Volunteer Minister then taught her family how to give her this kind of assist so they could continue to help her themselves.
Another group of Volunteer Ministers came across a 104-year-old man who had been injured during the first major earthquake. The shaker understandably had a profoundly traumatic effect on him. He was afraid to stand up and refused to see his friends or family.

However, after several assists, the centenarian revived, telling the volunteer, "I don't know what it is, but I feel good — I feel much better. That really helped me."

Continued here:

How long until Volunteer Ministers show up in Nepal?


Joburg-Sec-Check-1.jpg Joburg-Sec-Check-2.jpg Joburg-Sec-Check-3.jpg Joburg-Sec-Check-4.jpg


Johannesburg Security Check | Why We Protest | Anonymous Act

But, hey not too crazy for Bill Clinton...

Can you imagine what this young boy is going through? I can, I have been there...


The Gospel According to Saint Bastard

I did decks work, I did an ethics program, I did lower conditions. My Comm-Ev was little more than a witch hunt as it submitted my “lack of progress” on a three page ethics program as evidence of “no ethics change” in its first submission when in fact I had completed all of the assignments and was working on the condition of Liability when I had first met with the Committee. My Comm-Ev was rejected by IJC four times before IJC canceled it. I was off scott-free, I had completed my lower conditions perfectly within policy, I was accepted back into the group by 90% of the staff at my org, even the CO, Supercargo, Chief Officer and LRH Comm approved my condition write-up and request to re join the group. However, the MAA petitioned RTC to have my comm-ev put back on the lines in violation of the double jeopardy clause (yes, it exists in SCN policy). My comm-ev bounced around for another month until IJC canceled it for the second time. At this point an unfortunate series of events took place. I was pulled in for a metered ethics interview. I answered the question “Have you knowingly violated policy.” with “I don't know.” Which was perfectly true and honest, I had been helping various people and divisions around the base on a variety of things and I was unfamiliar with all the policies governing those areas but there were somethings that I was requested or ordered to do that did not seem right but I did not have the time to look up the appropriate policies. The MAA's face became very grim and I knew that would be fuel to have me shit-canned... especially since there was an ethics mission in the org from CMO Int.

Twenty minutes after the ethics interview I was given another face ripping that I had grown so accustomed to over the years and twenty-four hours later I was being handed my RPF assignment. Eight hours after that, I was routing onto the RPF, determined to get a Board of Review. Certainly I couldn't be RPFed for something that I had been tried for twice. My first Board of Review canceled my RPF assignment, but since the Board was convened locally and not by an authority higher than CMO Int, it was deemed invalid. I then petitioned for a Board of Review from CMO Int, which upheld my did the Board convened by RTC. This is all regardless of blatant violations of LRH justice policy.

I spent a good deal of time on the RPF, more time than I had spent in the Sea Org proper. I was injured several times during the course of my work. I received no less than one-hundred and some-odd stitches from various accidents. I had second degree burns, I lost use of a body part that while I received medical attention for and a good deal of auditing for, I have yet to receive and actual compensation for. I lived through the schedule and bore the lack of contact with the outside world. I saw some of the subtle world social changes trickle in via new RPFers and when Sea Org crew took pity and made sure there was a radio within earshot. I was an MAA, an Auditor, a PC a construction worker and I was on the RPFs RPF. I saw people come and go. I saw people get into serious deep shit for figuring out ways to meet in private and have hot sweaty sex. I saw people graduate, but more often, I saw people leave. I was twinned with some very interesting characters, some of which had bigger problems than just being on the RPF. I saw people seriously lose their shit and go raving motherfucking batshit crazy. I had one twin who wanted to marry me after the RPF and another who thought I was her husband in another life. I had one twin who was gay and thought I was too... with subsequent discomfort. I had a twin that nobody wanted to help because “she was a slut” (I thought she was one of the most normal people there). I saw a lot of strange and fucked up shit on the RPF. I did a lot of strange and fucked up shit on the RPF.'s a touch assist for you...feel my finger...

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