Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Growing up in the Church of Scientology

Growing up in the Church of Scientology


Bob*, 23, and Carole*, 17, sat down with host Madeleine Brand. (*KCRW withheld the real names of the interviewees because they feared retribution for themselves and their families from the Church of Scientology.)

A detailed response from the church can also be found below.

A group of people born into Scientology are raising funds to make a film documenting their experiences. This is a very worthy cause, please help if you can:

Claim: Families of members who leave the Church are no longer allowed to be in contact with them. Members of wealthier families may be exempt the requirement to “disconnect.”

This misstates our practice. The Church’s voluntary practice of disconnection in circumstances where individual’s spiritual progress is imperiled by continued connection to people hostile to their survival is explained on our website.

KCRW: Growing up in the Church of Scientology; Scientology defends disconnection



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