Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Scientology is all about Suppression

Re: Watch the Alex Gibney Documentary "Going Clear" in the UK

The English satirical magazine "Private Eye" has weighed in on the suppression of "Going Clear" in the UK. It's a short piece, which says it all. It can be read here [url= more » 

I should like to point out, it can be watched...I have seen it, although it is no longer available where I saw it. Where there's a will, there is a way...scientology does not hold the monopoly on Suppression, nor on it's so called Suppressive Persons...I also find fault with Lawrence Wright's book 'scientology and the prisoner of belief', I was a Commodores Messenger on the ship back in the 60s with the Gillham children who seem to be holding out and in hiding. NO media exsposes...even Hana Eltringham won't talk about's almost like they are a figment of my imagination...only I know they are not...what exactly are we protecting mad cult leader for another...I am going to say it one more time, just in case you did not quite get it all the other times...are you ready...

Article: Merchants of Chaos

In 2006, PBS aired a documentary titled "Frontline: House of Saud," which contains an interview with Dr. Sulaiman Al Hattlan, who commented on the influence of Islamic fundamentalism in his country:
The whole culture of education in Saudi Arabia gave people dangerous tools, tools to teach people how to hate. Tools of anger. And not tools of understanding the reality of the world.

Note how well his comment also fits Hubbard's 'Suppressive Person' doctrine, in that any person that is perceived to impede — directly or indirectly — the expansion of Scientology is seen as 'criminal,' with no regard of how honorable are their motivations. If someone criticize some intrinsically harmful Scientology practices, this person becomes a 'Suppressive Person' in Scientologists' worldview, regardless of how substantiated is their criticism.

In Scientology doctrine, criticism of Scientology doctrine is a high crime.
At best the 'suppressive person' doctrine promotes anger, intolerance. Think Jenna Elfman. Think Tom Cruise. Furthermore, the doctrine promotes breaking up family. At worst it promotes destroying lives. Think Paulette Cooper. Think R2-45.

Hubbard made his flawed doctrines 'right' by identifying as a 'criminal' anyone criticizing them.

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