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False Purpose Rundown...

You just have not got a clue where we are going to have you? where will we end up next...where indeed?

we will start here...


In "Founding Church of Scientology v United States", the Court of Claims found that some of the Founding Church’s money inured to the individual benefit of LRH and family. This included a house maintained by the Church, a percentage of the Church’s income, and other royalties and commissions. The court based its finding of inurement on informal loans made to LRH that were never explained. (Criminal Time Track: Issue III, (15))

1969-1974 (Nixon-Scn)

...Tricky Dick (Nixon) finally did make it into the White House. And by then he had developed his own special hit list of all those people or groups who had ever crossed him. Just as LRH predicted, Nixon couldn't wait to abuse the power of his office to make his critics pay. Frustrated with the inability of the US Government to put a halt to Scientology, Nixon instituted secret intelligence programs designed to accomplish that purpose. A secret IRS unit known as "the special services staff" was set up to target individuals and groups it labeled as so-called activists. The groups and individuals to be targeted by this special unit were on a list that the press later termed 'the Nixon/IRS enemies list". And right at the top of that list were L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.
The purpose of Nixon's IRS intelligence unit was to use any techniques available - legal or illegal - to infiltrate groups in an effort to gather dirt to later smear and destroy them. And if no such dirt could be found - then create it and disseminate it widely. They were quite successful. In fact, you can get a copy of the Nikon/IRS enemies list and review the names of individuals and groups who were targeted.
...With Nixon finally resigning the presidency in disgrace, the IRS's problems with Scientology were just beginning to build. They had been attacking the Church with the purpose of destroying it for over a decade. Yet Scientology had only grown. And the IRS was starting to lose on the legal front. They had won the case against the Founding Church's tax exemption on a technicality but their win was short- lived, as that Church had long since ceased to be the mother church and the hoped-for destruction of Scientology didn't occur. So a new strategy was in order. (David Miscavige's IAS speech, 8 October 1993)

1969, early

The final push towards (South African) Governmental action against Scientology came in the early part of 1969. A number of leading South African newspapers ran lengthy statements "to urge, in the highest circles, an enquiry into Scientology".
In a front-page leader, Die Transvaler said the demand for an official inquiry had the support of church leaders, and introduced a racial note into the issue. Scientology, it said, "has an ethical precept which is in conflict with the Christian Ethic, and propagates an inherent liberalistic attitude of equality of rights for all races and colours". (Garrison: Hidden Story of Scientology, pg. 223)

This is Captain Bill...

Sector 9 book. Free Zone Dianetics and Scientology ...
ATTITUDES Technical Scale in Dianetics and Scientology ..... He started running (it was a quicky hypnosis job on him with a drug), and he ran down the .... And he was the one responsible for putting Terry Milner in jail for "attempted assault" or ...

The Kember exhibit...

[PDF]Exhibit 43 - Xenu TV

aide David Gaiman, Deputy Guardian for Public Relations World-Wide, an operation is ordered to plant false information in U.S. Security agency computers, "to hold up the American security to ridicule, as outlined in the GO by LRH." It describes the plan as "to take a cat with a pedigree name ... and to get the name into a computer file, together with a record whether it be criminal, social welfare, driving, or whatever; and to build the sequence of events to the point where the creature holds a press conference and photographic story results." The project called for the use of plants to place the false information into U.S. security agency computers. See Exh. No. 5 hereto.

United States of America v. Jane Kember, Morris Budlong ...


They were and are the scum of the earth and I will never retract from that!


England Is IN Apathy...


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