Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Waiting on what you can pull out on an 11 year old girl brought up by a CULT? WAITING?

So, we continually have all the old timers who think we should all drop this...let it go...let it was an my world it was a type of holocaust...they did not murder them...they rendered them totally disabled...but still living...a living nightmare...happy dreams Neville Chamberlin, Joe van Staden, Hana Eltringham...Janis Gillham... ... -dictator/
Bonus photos from our tipsters
From our tipster: “Creepy photo from Source magazine of the PC folder vault at Flag. It says that it has folders on every PC who ever received auditing at Flag since the days of The Apollo in the ‘60s and it’s all barcoded now. In other words, this is where they keep all the shit on everyone and can pull it out at the drop of a hat.”


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