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Happy Easter Mr. Cruise

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The 63-year-old actor most recently famed for Birdman was hosting Saturday Night Live ... SNL15

A big THANK YOU to the person that made it possible to watch "Going Clear". I wasn't going to advertise it as It is based on Lawrence Wright's book and I am still pissed of about one line in the book that I know to be rubbish. However, nothing incenses me more than Scientology's harassment of people that speak out and Tom DeVocht is one such person...

Tom DeVocht...wait for it...Popcorn Dealer! ... ymous-tip/

Whilst we are on the subject of drugs, I wondered what the Sussex Observer might be writing about round about now and guess've guessed it...drugs...the truth about them, now where have we heard that before...

  • A worthy cause you may think, not when it involves scientology and it does involve scientology...

    Walk The Kingdom | Come hell or high water: not so much a ...

    Peter DwanROUTE TO INFINITY COURSE Freewinds 532004-06-01
    Peter DwanABILITY CONGRESS COURSE Freewinds 532004-06-01
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    Peter Dwan - The Truth About Scientology

    Notice they left out that Steve Cook worked for Narconon, closed down.

    Anti-drugs charity linked to Scientology gives talks to ...

    Private Eye Magazine.
    8th March-21st March 2013.
    Page 30.

    Scientology in Schools
    Drug Abuse

    How do schools keep getting taken in by Scientologists sneaking nonsense "science" into their classroom under the guise of "drugs education"?

    The latest bulletin from Scientology's offshoot Narconon boasts that 33 schools in Cornwall have been given drug education presentations, two in recent tours by Peter Dwan - who appeared on Channel 4's 4thought series last year talking about how Scientology had saved him from alcoholism.

    "The schools given Peter's presentations have been promoting Peter and Narconon to other schools and now a third tour is planned for early May," reports the newsletter. It claims one group of schools is seeking funding "from the local Navy Base" to bring Dwan to give his talks.

    Roseland Community College in Truro even put a news item on it's website praising Dwan's "exciting and entertaining facts about how taking drugs and alcohol can affect your life". It's just a pity they aren't, er, true facts.

    As reported in Eye 1321, Narconon's education booklets warn children against taking prescription medication and plug L. Ron Hubbard's barmy "science" about vitamins. Health experts around the world have warned against Narconon's rehab programmes, which entail long sessions in a sauna and high doses of vitamins.

    Last year the Church of England told it's London primary schools to stop accepting talks or activities from Narconon, but the organisation still managed to give talks to around 2,000 pupils in Newham and Islington.

    Scientology - Meet a Scientologist: Pete, Boxing Instructor ...



    Tom DeVocht...

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    Popcorn Dealer, COB?

    And here's some more of those little BT's (Body Thetans).

    Welcome to Children's House Montessori Nursery - East ...

    Effective Education Centre COB? Is that Corn on the cob, or Chairman of the Board


    Tom Cruise must ditch the vile cult of Scientology NOW | Piers Morgan


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