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Terry Milner is investigating the deaths of Doreen Gaul and Ron Sharp,allegedly. • View topic - Gaul & Sharp

If Terry Milner had found scientologists to be responsible for the murders, does anyone actually believe scientology would turn them over to the proper authorities? Highly unlikely! More likely, everything was shredded.Interesting none the less.


Scientology D/Guardian Terry Milner Rats Out John McMaster to the FDA, Links Him To The Brotherhood – 1971

Orange Sunshine | The Story of the Brotherhood of Eternal ...

It culminated in 1977 with enough LSD to make 6.5 million 'tabs' (with a ... In 1973, the producers had a bust-up with the distributors and production ... This crucial lead gave police their first vital clue into the drug ring operating in west Wales.

Operation Julie: How an LSD raid began the war on drugs ...

Scientology's Elusive Jerry McDonald – Drugs, Guns, and ...

Appendix – Text of Scientology's Jerry McDonald and ...

Extract from Scott Mayer's Affidavit

Instructions to Kill

An extract from Scott Mayer's affidavit in Church of Scientology International versus Fishman and Geertz

22. While I was in the Sea Org, I was instructed to kill another human being by the Scientology organization. At the time Scientology had an office on Beacon Avenue in Los Angeles, very close to McArthur Park. I was called in for a briefing by Alex Sibryski. At that time, Scientology had a ranch at Rosarito in Mexico which was being used as a nursery, a place for overflow kids that could not be housed in Los Angeles and a place to grow fruits and vegetables. Mexican bandits were allegedly harassing and hustling the ranch and stealing produce from it. Jerry McDonald and I were asked to put together a mission to go down to Mexico, take some infrared optics and some guns and rifles, wait for the Mexican bandits to attack the ranch again and then take care of them. We were told to kill them if necessary. I received these orders from Alex Sibryski. At the time he was Commanding Officer Flag Operations Western U.S. ("F.O.L.O.W.U.S."). This was part of Scientology's elite Sea Organization. I was the Operations Officer at Flags Operations Liaison Office at the time and it was my job to write the mission orders for this thing and get us all briefed and ready to go. We figured that if we "took out" the bandit leaders the rest would disband. It took 24-48 hours to get this done and in the course of that time I never saw any written dispatches on this but the mission was then canceled by Alex Sibryski. He said that there was a governess in-charge of the ranch and that the bandits had tried to attack her at the place and she had shot the bandit leader with a shotgun through the door and taken care of the problem.

23. Jerry McDonald was widely rumored to have been a former mercenary and a paid assassin in Europe. He was known throughout the Sea Org for taking care of difficult problems. If someone was giving a problem in some area Jerry McDonald would just appear there. Because of his reputation as having been an assassin, if he came on the scene, people would fear for their lives. They believed that he was working totally for Scientology and that he would do anything for Hubbard. Additionally, he was also the kind of guy who would have people over to his house every now and then and would get out his automatic weapons, clean them and put them together in front of people. In this way, he would let people know that he was really conversant with his craft. He carried a 9 mm pistol on him all the time and he was always talking about arms sales and deals that he was doing. As things turned out, he and I were not required to carry out the instructions to kill that we had received. However, if the orders had not been canceled I have no doubt that he could have performed the task.

Scientology --- Extract from Scott Mayer's Affidavit

City of Clearwater Commission Hearings Re: The Church of ...

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United States


right now...

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Death of a Beach Boy - People Magazine 1/16/84 - Cinetropic

What's even more interesting, is Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys unbelievable easily acceptence of Charles Manson. It reeks of L. Ron Hubbard and cult mind control...


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