Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Times Magazine...Marty Rathbun

I am not even bothered to scan ain't worth it...

it is a rehash of many others coverage...I am sick to death of hearing it...because it ain't what I want to hear...I want to know more about Lisa McPherson...I want to KNOW about the IRS...basically I want to know about ALL the things MARTY is NOT covering in his media rantings...

I discovered something about the TIMES Magazine, people only want it for the recipes...and guess what this weeks recipes were...The 10 best chicken recepies...need I say more...

What is far more poiniant is this...I wore a head scarfe for nine years...when she moved from Britain to Saudi Arabia as a teenager.Mona Eltahawy began wearing a hejab in order to avoid being harassed by men. Here she talks about why at 25, she  decided to stop wearing it.


Yes, I know, same here!

This is media hype because in order to get the church of scientology's response you have to subscribe to the Times on line.

And,  I am  the bigot! Apparantly.

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