Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Scientology's Gross Misconduct

   Amazing audio interview with P.I.

                                    HEAR IT: Tom Cruise ‘funds the church’ PI on Scientology payroll tells cops


This audio interview offers a rare peek behind the curtain.
Folks, THIS is Scientology. This is the REAL Scientology that Miscavige and his battalions of lawyers tries to keep hidden from public view.

I don't forgive and I sure as hell, don't forget L. Ron Hubbard's scientology...apparently...dead men can't sue, but live men can hide, can't they Mr. Colombia.Could not help yourself, could you? HAPI trials, Mr. Miscavige!

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Just been informed by Scientology lawyers that ... @louistheroux hmmm are u a religion? 

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