Thursday, 2 April 2015

Rehabilitation Project Force 3

In these RPF handlings numbers 16, 17, 33 and 34 appear to be missing...would love to know what they are...don't worry I will find them somehow...interesting concept this because of this last one...up to Liability...phew...I never got put in a lower condition than Liability until now of course...full blown SP!

A good friend of mine put it in context recently...she said "I and many others I know grew up in the military, but you are one of very few that are known about that grew up in a cult" I am para phrasing.But the gist of the statement is there.

L. Ron Hubbard might have captured Hana Eltringham/ Whitfield, Maria and Norman Starkey, Alan Vos, Neville Chamberlain, Captain Bill, my own Father...but he never captured me and he NEVER WILL!

Good to see your still watching Curacoa...Willamsted...Scientology's home in Aruba as of yesterday.

Something you need to know about me...I am all for truth...I spent the best part of my life as a lie...trying desperately to weedle my way out of having to explain my childhood. I would give anything in the world not to have had the childhood I had...really...and I know first hand many kids feel the same way and it does not have to be Scientology, it can be Jehova's wittnesses, catholocism, Jimmy savillism, Gary Glitterism, The Klu Klux Klan,ISIS and drugs and what lead us can be any one of a number of things...but in the end YOU have to do what IS right!

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