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Scientologists Help the CIA Take Over the Drug Trade – Nixon Era

I love what Virginia writes about, because she says it as she sees it and I personally cannot Thank her enough for that.It was a very late night and I was the Commodores Messenger on duty that night. Divers were going overboard, looking for something, I was 11 years old. There was a pully type contraption, big thick wire going down into the sea, it made a hell of a noise. The divers would come back up...nothing...,then two more divers were sent down. This was a long process...a lot of waiting was cold...but you had to stand your station. Eventually there was elation and a huge box was hauled up, a chest, it was not the size of a room, but it was the size of a wooden chest...what was in it...I don't know...because at that point I was sent to bed...and it is not even this that sticks in my mind...what comes to mind about this particular incident and many others is that Mary Sue hated me and I don't think it was just me I think It was Commodores Messengers in general.

At some point that evening, MarySue was sent off to get hot drinks for everyone, it was cold as I have already said, but she did not get one for me...she remembered everyone else...people remember Commodore's Messenger's as nasty little bastards...and maybe some of them were...I was not a nasty little bastard...I was scared shitless and on my own...and in many ways...I still am.

This is what triggered this off...I have my own thoughts on this and many other things...which I am not prepared to share at this time...maybe later...I need to look into some things...I will leave you with this...
That’s is our first clue that something is very wrong with the sheer volume of money flowing through Hubbard’s church fronts and into Swiss bank accounts – let alone the other accounts he held in other parts of the world.
Another clue comes to us from the then Captain of the Apollo – Hana Eltringham.
Hana had been invited to join Hubbard’s Sea Project in August of 1967, she had then traveled to Las Palmas where the Avon River is being renovated under Ron Hubbard’s supervision.
There was lots of money aboard. We had to courier 7 or 8 million dollars in cash to Switzerland. And on a later trip much more than that was couriered. It was couriered from the Dutch Antilles island of Curacao, near Venezuela. LRH was really like a squirrel with nuts, stashing it. He stashed gold bullion too.
Messiah or Madman by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard Jr., 1987, interview with Hana Eltringham, p. 43,44.

Larry Reeves (who joined the ship some time after the “Mission Into Time” project) described a large crate full of gold coins and jewels of all kinds.
The crate was in the hull of the Apollo, during the time the ship was in Greece.
[…] I personally saw the treasure. It was in a huge wooden crate, built from two-by-sixes, the size of a small room. This carton was kept in the hull of the ship, near where I used to work. I’m a treasure buff, so when I opened up one of the boards and looked through, I knew what I was looking at! There were ancient gold coins, and jewels of all kinds. It was like looking at a huge pirates’ chest.
Note by Virginia: While the ships were in Greece, Hana describes special boats built to ferry heavy loads short distances.
LRH did have some special boats built in Valencia, Spain, after the “Mission Into Time” voyage.
Later on in 1968 they were brought onto the Apollo, while she was stationed in Greece.
They were Aom-bottomed great big sled-like craft, about 12 feet long by about 5 and a half to 6 feet wide, about 2 feet deep and sturdily built. Liz Gablehouse had to scout around and find some quiet motors to put on them.
[quiet needed for night-sneaking, obviously, bringing it in and out of the country]
Messiah or Madman by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard Jr., 1987, interview with Hana Eltringham, p. 43,44.
Note: Odd that Hana doesn’t mention any of this in the recent HBO documentary – Going Clear and instead her testimony is relegated to the unfortunate realm of “human interest’ touchy-feely clips.
That’s gross. Can we tell what that film is trying to distract from yet?
perish the thought - wry ick face.
So, here we have gold bullion, gold coins, jewels and piles of cash funneling on and off Hubbard’s ships while it was in Greece, plus boats being made that, to me, sound more suited for running loads of guns and heavy items like the gold bullion than for “treasure hunting”. Rather convenient accoutrements to be in possession of, given the state of things politically there in Greece.
And, as we now know, Jerry was prone to hauling loads of guns around – he got caught with a big load of them on the Makaira, but we’ll get to that in a bit here.
What…pray tell, has our elusive Mr. Jerry McDonald doing for all this time?
One thing I do know, is that Jerry had left Corfu before this, by January 1969, he was in Los Angeles with his Blue Fin ship now donated to the Sea Org and named the Aries training Sea Org members – along with his Makaira boat.
From Scientolopedia –
The Aries was an ex air-sea rescue vessel. It was approximately 63 feet long and was gas powered. She was used to train Sea Org members and was based in the Pacific area in 1970.The Aries was originally named the Bluefin. The Bluefin was a 65 foot Air-Sea Rescue boat that was added to the Pacific Coast Sea Org fleet on January 12, 1969. It’s first captain was Warrant Officer Jerry McDonald.

If you recall, we started this saga with Jane Kember’s evaluation that somehow arrives at the conclusion that Jerry was a Customs agent.
And yet…in less than six months of his arrival in Los Angeles, Customs is investigating him for narcotics smuggling!
6 May 69 An LA IRS Intel report indicates the US Customs Office to be conducting an extensive investigation into the Blue Fin and its activities because of a previous report that the ship was involved in narcotic smuggling from Mexico.
– U.S. Customs “timetrack” done by Guardian’s Office intelligence personnel, Exhibit XII PDF – Clearwater Commission Hearings. p188
Jerry had been put in charge of the Sea Org ships in the “PAC” (pacific) area. For some reason, he felt the need to go back and forth between L.A. and Baja, California, supposedly doing drills, as one report has it (from Jane’s Exhibit 43)
The earliest data in Coast Guard files is a letter 7 July 1969 from Irwin C. Jones, Secretary of L.A. Yacht Club to Admiral Tighe, 11th Coast Guard District, which states that he saw 2 ships in Ensndada (Mexico) bearing Coast Guard insignia replicas and crew doing para military drills. States they are impersonating Coast Guard Ships and should be report it to the FBI.
I suppose it’s just yet another coincidence that this happens to be conveniently located (and timed) for the “Papa” Pedro Avilas marijuana haven. Plus, they just happen to have two fast ships capable of carrying large loads of marijuana.
That deserves a –
Barbie face palm for airheadedness
barbie forehead slap
if anyone thinks that’s actually a coincidence.

My Father told me he moved vast amounts of money around and into Switzerland.Let's put it this way, there are more coincidences in scientology than is humanly possible, but of course they are aliens, so it's all ok, isn't it?

NO, It is NOT! Somebody, some place has to say this IS ILLEGAL! Where are YOU governments?

So glad you are still reading in the Netherlands, or is that Never, Neverlands...

Nancy Cartwright - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

L Ron Hubbard, Benzedrine, and Secret CIA projects in 1950

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