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New Ideal Org opened in Basil by the happy chappie himself, Mr. David Miscavige, the sect leader

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«Wir müssen das Land klären»: US-Sektenchef David Miscavige spricht an der Eröffnung.
 "We must clear the land": US-champagne Chef David Miscavige speaks at the opening.( this is a reference to 'clearing the planet' ...'every man , woman and child must become a scientologist)

ScientologyChampagne Boss Miscavige is received in Basel with a lot of noise25.04.2015, 20:06 clockAt the opening of the "Ideal Org" in Basel the top Scientologist David Miscavige was flown. Right next door made over a hundred people at a demonstration approved wheel vigorously against the controversial organization. By Michel Schultheiss and Hans-Jörg WalterThe square in front of the new temple is jam packed. Until the Oltingerstrasse into it crowds pushing of charged Scientology guests. "Z'Basel to mym Rhy" is played solemnly. It comes before the sterile construction on short Musikantenstadl Mood: The for the most part had traveled from out of town visitors clap loudly to the beat. "We were expecting 1,500 people, but it could be up to 2000," said Jürg Stettler, Spokesman of Scientology Switzerland.According Stettler also Scientologists to be traveled from Germany, Italy and France. The announced demonstration against the inauguration of the new Scientology center he looks calmly: "I contend that no more than five residents are."While convert the first demonstrators by 13 clock, it's on the other side of the Burgfelderstrasse too sublime and forth: The eight-pointed cross emblazoned mightily over the lectern. On stage, the guests of honor will be announced and receive with waving flags. Marco powder, representatives of the construction company Implenia occurs. That's a surprise. The construction company shares the building with Scientology, but so far denied any connection with the sect.Powder praises the "educational programs" of Scientology: "The youth is armed against the creeping influence of drugs," he says. The program is strongly criticized by experts. Speakers will also include a physician. He explains how he found with his criticism of psychiatry for the organization: "Scientology has the courage to fight for freedom and justice.""We must clear the land": US-champagne Chef David Miscavige speaks at the opening.Around the same time, it comes at the Oltingerstrasse to ugly scenes. The meeting place is shielded with potted plants. A man wants to cross the cordoned-off section of road. At once he takes on two Scientology members in the way. Schroff he is asked in English if he did have a sticker. "Let me through, please, I live here," says the passer. Finally, turn on two police officers and make the self-appointed guardians road clear that they need to give people the passage on public area. However, anyone who carves through the crowd, a kind of involuntary escort service on the neck - who happened to be tracked at every step.Finally, it comes on stage a surprise coup by thundering applause from the star of the event, Scientology leader David Miscavige enters the stage. His visit was ahead content of speculation, but was kept secret from the media spokespersons. Bright prophesied Miscavige those present the expansion of his organization: "Today, Basel, Bern tomorrow, Zurich and Lausanne," he says unctuously.Passers-by pushed back: The private security service of Scientology exceeded its powers.He speaks from the Golden Age of Dianetics, which have brought closer millions of people this technology. He also draws from several leading Scientologists who have distinguished themselves as "freedom fighters". "The goal is to clarify this country and there are no other goal," announced Miscavige. Therefore, they were "New Civilization Builders", such as Patrick Schnidrig, president of Scientology Basel.Also, the Executive Director Rudolf rafters, which operates a trust company, this honor is given: "Now he works as a reincarnation of Alexander the Great for a new Swiss Empire," Miscavige boasts years of work for the organization in Basel. The likeness of L. Ron Hubbard appears at the end. A gigantic table bomb explodes, red snippets whirl through the air and balloons rise into the air: the ribbon to inaugurate the "Ideal Org" is cut.While the crowd cheers, it sounds now on the other side completely different: it encircles, trills, whistles and trötet. Gradually, the Scientologists left the festival grounds. How inevitably leads past the protesters. Visitors column is received by the other sidewalk from with vuvuzelas, pan lids, cowbells and boos. About a hundred people taking part in the wheel. Some protestors carry Aluhüte and shrill panels, two saxophonists give free jazz for the best.The protesters have different backgrounds: An elderly local resident who lives in Iselin for almost thirty years, supports the mostly young demonstrators: "Scientology behaves towards us very aggressive." One would it also blocks the way during the construction work. They also feel the missionary attempts a nuisance.Also plenty of experience with Scientology has an Anonymous activist who is a Guy Fawkes mask of the party. After earlier protests he and his colleagues had already been pursued by cult members: "You have readjusted us wanted to rip his mask and reveal our identity," he says.Protests: About a hundred demonstrators set against the Scientologists.Other people hear via Facebook on demo - for example, a student who grew up next to the temple today. Also, a group of apprentices protested: "We find that Scientology are cheaters and exploit people," says one of them. Of the organization they first learn in the classroom and through the large state actions on Barfusserplatz.The residents Erlemann Thomas, who has called "Nonviolent action against Scientology headquarters" to life, looks happy on the demo. "It's about showing presence." He wants to continue to stay on the ball was A next step, the cross, which is emblazoned big on the facade to challenge. In addition, any will emerge from the protest a club.Scientology had mobilized large opening of the Basel temple.Between the Scientologists on one side of the road and their opponents on the other, Thomas Kessler is on the way. The head of the canton and city development aims to promote dialogue between Scientology and its critics. But He draws Jürg Stettlers statement that hardly neighbors among the protesters are located, are in doubt. "Resentment is certainly more than five residents present." He sees the opening of far-reaching consequences for the Iselin quarter. In particular, the expansion prepare him worry: Right next to the temple like the Scientologists build condominiums. "On the one hand, applies in Basel tolerance, on the other hand, the fears of the residents must be taken seriously," says Kessler.

Passanten zurückgedrängt: Der private Sicherheitsdienst von Scientology überschritt seine Kompetenzen.
  Passers-by pushed back: The private security service of Scientology exceeded its powers.
Scary looking guy, but don't you just love google translate...Scientology's leader is a champagne chef.

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