Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What the Hell IS Wrong with ITV?

I am spitting bricks right now, Mark Pinchin, YOU are a LIAR!

When did you meet L. Ron Hubbard, humanitarian?YOU are the epitome of a scientologist. A LIAR!

You had me followed, YOU personally watched me, I saw you and I have witnesses.My only regret is I did not film you filming me.

Mark Pinchin, I recommend you try and leave today and see exactly what happens to you. Go on try it, I dare you.

This is pure PR control on Narconon and Crimininon.


Criminon UK's mission is:

  • To eliminate those factors which produce and precipitate criminal behaviour
  • To restore common-sense moral values
  • To provide educational tools and life skills to those in need so that they may rejoin society as responsible and contributing members.
  • If you would like to help us achieve our mission please make a donation. £75 sponsors one offender through a course.
    Please visit to make a donation online or send a cheque to:
    PO Box 200
    East Grinstead
    West Sussex
    RH19 4GL

    Our Supporters

    We would like to acknowledge the following companies for their generous support of our activities:
    Sovereign Finance
    Derek Field & Co.
    MJ Kloss Decorators
    Rooster Cartoons 

    I am astonished at ITV's coverage of this or is it to do with ratings against the BBC, has anyone heard of John Sweeney over there?

    And as for you Jive Aces - Shelly Ballantyne anyone?

    Jive Arses were on ITV last night. Celebrity sacrificial lambs #3

    media_lush mook 8 hours ago
    I emailed ITV
    ITV viewer enquiries
    Telephone us on 0844 881 4150
    Calls cost 5p per minute from a BT landline. Calls from other networks may be higher and from mobiles will be considerably more.

    Please call and follow the options to direct your enquiry to the correct department.
    The Viewer Services team are available;
    Monday to Friday between 9.00am to 7.00pm
    Saturdays between 10.00am to 7.00pm
    They are closed on Sundays, Bank Holidays and Bank Holiday weekends.

    If you have any queries or comments about an ITV show, you can email us at:

    Alternatively, you can write to the team at:
    Viewer Services
    ITV Plc Gas Street
    B1 2JT


    my comment:  I would like to make an official complaint that ITV allowed the Alan Titchmarsh Show to be used a promotional piece for the cult of Scientology.

    The abuses of this cult are extremely well documented and have recently been highlighted by Pulitzer Prize winning author Lawrence Wright in his book "Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief" and has been widely discussed on the internet. 

    Perhaps Alan can do a makeover at St. Hill and turn their disgusting sewerage system into a work of art using child RPFers.


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