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Hello Colonel Prado - So glad you joined us

Colombia: Then there is the definitive model of a grassroots operation for social salvage—the conclusive story of the Freewinds’ humanitarian undertaking in Colombia.

All commenced in early 2009 with Way to Happiness seminars at the Colombian naval base at Cartagena. Distribution was likewise initiated among Colombian naval personnel. Freewinds personnel also linked withMajor Ricardo Antonio Prado from the Colombian National Police, and taggedwith Colonel Carlos Mena—Bolivar State Police Commander. In combination,they organized independent seminars in Cartagena schools and colleges, and Major Prado initiated a distribution network principally through Bogota police.

Simultaneously, Freewinds officers linked with Captain John Carlos Flores of the Cartagena Navy flotilla. After which, they were running distribution through Amazonian gunboats on the trafficking lanes. Then it was seminars to Colombian naval officers in the Starlight Cabaret aboard the Freewinds.

By late summer 2009 the Freewinds was seeing Cartagena police in her course rooms, and after a Freewinds’ Ability Congress in the middle of a Bogota military base, Colombian officials were beginning to embrace the tech whole cloth.

They were also developing sophisticated distribution. Major Prado’s The Way to Happiness motorcycle police made heavy inroads through better than a dozen cities. It mushroomed with with events like the big Cartagena pageant where police filtered some 20,000 booklets into the crowds. Then there was Colonel Mena’s Way to Happiness float, which effectively signified the whole Bolivar State Police Force was on board.

Finally, there was both The Way to Happiness and human rights materials requested on behalf of every military branch. Then it was The Way to Happiness precepts airing up to 100 times a clay all over Colombian networks. While better than 20,000 police and military officers possessed The Way to Happiness and human rights materials.

Whereupon it was over 3 million booklets through Colombian cities in the last 18 months—absolutely date coincident with a 50 percent drop in national crime rates. While on behalf of the army as a whole, Colonel Diaz just presented LRH with this:

“To Master L. Ron Hubbard, our greatest acknowledgment for your knowledge, teachings and doctrines to the military forces of Colombia…”

Colombian Postscript: All begins with Major Prado’s formal academic thesis to National Police command on how TWTH might be broadly employed to improve Colombian law enforcement.

Result: He has been approved for promotion to Police Colonel and is now a Lifetime Member of the IAS who vows not to rest until Colombia is blanketed with LRH technology.

Then there is Captain Flores, a “friend for life” of the Freewinds and “at their service” forevermore. He is now Chief of Staff for the largest naval command in Colombia. Moreover, he has all ships distributing booklets.

Finally, there is Colonel Mena—now General Mena, Chief of Security for the Colombian President. And he likewise vows to infuse his nation with LRH technology.

All told: with both police and military, Colombia’s Ministry of Defense has just approved a curriculum to bring The Way to Happiness and the human rights campaign to every military branch, more than 800,000 personnel in all!

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Happy hunting David Miscavige!

You may have money and you may have power but you ain't got integrity, if you ain't got integrity, you ain't got nothing. How do I know this? Because L. Ron Hubbard said so, right, David Miscavige?

Karen De la Carriere posted this on OCMB:


As I continue to repeat 95% of spin from the "Church" is utter LIES.
Not half-truths, not acceptable truths but SCREAMING LOUD lying propaganda.

Take the page above in a recent IMPACT (IAS Magazine)
The people of Columbia read "The Way to Happiness" booklet and Hey Presto ! Abracadabra !
The crime rate dropped 50%

Can you believe it ?
TRUTH ... /cri-crime

Interesting facts on Colombian Crime
In Colombia the number of victims continue to be one of the highest in the world.[2] In 2010 the amount of kidnappings increased to 282.[3] The surge in kidnappings in 2010 and 2011 is attributed to criminal groups like Los Rastrojos and guerrillas.

The drug cartels are alive and well, no matter what increase in budget for DEA. Internet shows RISE in crime in Columbia !


From the wayback machine:
Dick gives advice on meeting with politicians, from his experiences cosying up to the Colombian military government
From: [Dick Weigand's email address]
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 1995 15:18:18 -0500
Cc: [removed]
Subject: Re: TNX: Meet your congressman
Dear John and TNXers,

Your meet the congressman idea is almost exactly what M did in
Colombia that has been so successful in opening the doors for LRH tech. Hetook the President and all the Ministers the What is Scn book and the Handbook and gave them as presents. (I think there may be a progam in the
church that provides one or both books for free for this purpose.)

I should say at the outset here that a chief datum in use in Colombia is 'not
having to have before you can do'. Just get into it and figure it out as you
go. You can always come up with solutions.

But rather than just tell the Politicians what he could do for them, he got i
nto comm and found out what their problems were, and then he told them what
he could do for them to handle that problem. A dissem drill, really. Or if
the guy was not the one who was really handling the problem, M would get
the name of who was from him and then go and see him. (A safepointing

The school program we're doing there went this way: M saw the Minister of
Education who wasn't really the one handling the problem, as he was on his
way out of office. M got the referral from him and saw that guy. By
seeing that guy ,of course, you are coming down from the top. That guy was
also an employee and not an elected offical. He wanted to handle the
problem. He liked what M had to say about the LRH study tech and thereby
referred M to the Principal of the largest High school in the city. That
terminal was very much into handling the problem. M offered to train the
teachers on the BSM and in that way get the tech to the kids.

One of the main barriers in this area was money. It is a poverty area.
Neither the kids nor the schools could afford even the materials for the
BSM. So the handling was to tell the Principal he would do it for free. How
could he say no? The first step thou was to have the Principal go to a
seminar that was being given on Problems of Work Data. He went and he loved
it. Then he did the BSM course himself in our course room (we're a
consulting group there). He loved the tech. Next step was to work out how
to get the teachers trained. That was bit of a problem. We hit O/W's and
Ser Facs and a real need by the teachers for their time
. They, by and large,
work two jobs as they are paid so little, so the time for the course was a
problem. All this HE &R from them slowed things down immensely. There was a
lot of handle that was done, and, in the end we bypassed.

As a solution the Principal gave us 320 kids to train for our use. There, in
the last year of high school, the kids all have to do 80 hours of community se
rvice work. The Principal said our program was community service work. So
we took the kids instead of the teachers and trained them. We didn't have a
space big enough for the 320 so we took 40 (all we could train at one time).

Then using the kids we bypassed the teachers and as we didn't have the money
for the books, we took the first section of the course and typed it on the
computer and then took it to the Org for I/A. Then we printed 12,000 of
these for all the kids we had access too, and we then gave the first exercise
to all the kids.The kids took them home and did them there. We collected
them and had our kids qual them under our supervision.

It wasn't ideal, but it worked. We're still mid program this way. Its a
huge job but its getting done. And the results so far are the 40 kids that
we trained on the entire BSM, and several Handbook courses at the end of
their year (in Nov) tested out with the highest marks of any kids in the
school! One teacher who got with our program (there were a number that did,
and only a few that really caused the problems) taught her kids Meth 9, even
thou she herself had only done it once. She then tested her kids with the
result that their duplication rose from 24% to near 90%! ( She now wants to
work for us.) The Prinicpal ordered all his teachers to get thru the course,
he also gave us 42 elementary schools he was responsible for, to put LRH tech
into. Using his lead we closed one other very large high school. Word got
out and 7 other High Schools called us wanting the program. Recently M
closed an entire State in Colombia on putting the Study tech into all of the

Its an unbelievable action with continuing repercussions. As its been
totally free to the kids and the schools its created a mystery. People
wonder how we do it, why we do it, where's the catch (there isn't any). When
we delivered without any catch (like charging the kids for the books - which
someone else tried once) their trust went way up. We continually explained
that our purpose was just to give back to the community something for what it
was doing for us, that the educational level needed to be improved as its
lack was felt by us in trying to handle businesses who employ former
Colombian students, who can't duplicate.

Businesses have heard about it (sometimes we tell them) and as it is a 'good
works well publized' it helps our PR immensely. We are obviously not money grubbing gringo's.

The military and police where ALL the males serve a year out of high school
are now considering taking our kids and using them in a program we are
starting to educate their other soldiers and police.

We are now running LRH seminars in the Police academies. We have a Brig.
General who wants his troops trained on Book 1 in addition to ARC and Ethics

It really does go on and on. The police and the military who we delivered to
for free to begin with our now paying us.
Your idea J, could lead to similar things here. Its a brilliant idea.

You need some people in your area to support it. Do the dissem drill on
your congressman and find out what he really has as a problem. If you can't
figure out right away what to do about it, leave and put it out on TNX - I'm
sure you'll get a lot of ideas.

There's also something about doing it for fee. How can anyone say no. You
have the stats and your offering it as a gift. Anyone who attacks that is in
a completely untenable position. So, there's no reason you can't get in.

The reward for doing this sort of thing compares to those moments when one
was really winning on staff or in helping other people. There's nothing
quite like it. For me its even better than a session win.

If I can help let me know. In fact, we are looking at using our wins and suc
cesses in Colombia to step over into the US. Maybe your idea could fit into

Love, Dick Weigand

Dick shows surprising surprisingly detailed knowledge of the CoS admin structure within Colombia
From: [Dick Weigand's email address]
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 1995 00:51:59 -0500
Subject: Re: TNX---Dick Weigand's post.
Dear [removed] and TNXers,

I'm not sure which post you'd like me to send, Lindsay?

The resources in Colombia are surprisingly small. M is OT 3 in the middle
of KTL. Carlo is mid Grade 2, LOC and self taught Scnists. Myself and about
a dozen locals who have done the HDA course and are all working on their
english and the Scn Handbook. Its hell to get organized. Everytime I get
something in, it gets unmocked by some other demand. We need 300 people

The Colombians have not been marketted to death. From top to bottom they are
polite and will listen to you. They are not sales resistent beyond their
ability to buy. There is a poverty there. Rich and the poor. No middle

There is a small Org in Bogota we work with. There is a Mission we also work
closely with. While I was there last Oct I got the Mission and the ORg
together and combined their resources to make enough to deliver the Book One
We have 20-50 people that orginate on our lines every month
wanting auditing. The only solution is to train them, as we don't have the
auditors, so we now train them on Book One. It is a trip to see heads of
business and gov't trained on Book one. We have military officers trained on
Book one. Heads of big businesses.

We took a psychologist, personnel director for a German Drug (?!) Company ,
one of the largest in the world and trained him on Book One and then
delivered to his employees. (They make aspirin and shampoo base there - no
psych drugs). He now wants to work for us. But, interestingly at a dinner
of leading Human Resource managers for the leading companies in the country.

A well known Psycho Therapist challenged him re Dianetics. He put her in an
engram, at the dinner table, ran it out, she was in tears. Afterwards, she
said, What is that stuff? Totally handled her. Cool, huh?

There is command intention. The CO CLO LATAM spent 5 days with M a couple
of months ago. He intended to try to get [name removed] down to
take over the ORg to support our actions. CO IHELP helps whereever she can.

The Ship PR's offer their support whereever they can....they are only 1.5
hours flight away! Int execs are all info'd.
L, it would great if you could write something. It doesn't much matter
as long as it supports LRH tech. I'm sure there are guidelines, I could get
to you when you start.

Love, Dick

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