Friday, 25 January 2013

PR Disaster - Let's Talk to OSA - Office of Special Affairs

decades-old false allegations and rank speculation mostly sourced to a handful of bitter individuals kicked out of the church a decade or more ago.

The Church of Scientology has identified more than 200 errors so far in the book, ranging from the wrong year for the marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to the erroneous claim that the church owns a bank and schools in Clearwater, Fla., a claim Wright could have at least attempted to verify via public records. Wright also regurgitates news clippings without mentioning that the claims were later recanted — some under oath — or tossed out during judicial proceedings. So much for “endnotes.”

MY guess is Lawrence Wright's book will be read far and wide, because of all it's 'errors'.FACT the only error Scientology made was trying to call it a RELIGION .It's a businesses masquerading as a self help group whom are stuck in the 1950s, relying on L. Ron Hubbard's policy letters, to forward the third world order.The third world order is a PR campaign run by the "church" of scientology because NO one in their RIGHT mind in the REAL world would ever give credence to Scientology's objectives ' Clearing the Planet' of anyone who is 1.1, ie; the misfits, those whom do not conform to scientology's agenda.

Take a little kid, give them nothing else but scientology, and what do you get, a robot.

And these suddenly scientology objectors, whom like to call themselves "INDIES" Independent Scientologists do NOT realise how much they have fucked with their own children's brains.

I don't care who the fuck you are, you could be Mary Windsor, Queen of England for all I care, the TRUE fact IS, YOU have scrambled the brains of your children.

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