Saturday, 26 January 2013

Scientology in the News

Losing My Religion - A day in the life of a scientologist

Interview with Lawrence Wright - podcast

Jamie De Wolfe, L. Ron Hubbard's great grandson talks about Scientology

Isabella Cruise reunited with boyfriend Eddie Frencher who apparently quit the Sea Org

Scientology Buildings Boarded Up

Californian couple sue scientology over donations to scientology

On this day:!msg/alt.religion.scientology/8ZNOeGlF0F4/ORp_aStTFSgJ

Keep Sundays Special - Brainwashing No Thanks

The Scientology Papers: The hidden Hubbard

By John Marshall
The Globe and Mail
Toronto, Ontario
26 January 1980
p. 4

Source: ProQuest 1108301441

Scientology's Own News

On to the next story, headlined “Replacing Corruption with TRUST & DIGNITY.” In short, it describes how implementation of their rhetoric has transformed specific divisions of the Peruvian National Police force. These divisions include neighborhood security, traffic control, a Watchman’s Unit of barrio patrolmen, municipal police working in impoverished neighborhoods, and transit police. They’re officially distributing Scientologists’ The Way to Happiness throughout jurisdictional channels. One colonel conducted “seminars at the police-supported soccer clubs, primarily formed on behalf of barrio kids who might otherwise run with backstreet dogs.” And this all culminated in a plaque and award of honor from the Peruvian National Police.

A beautifully illustrated article disseminating scientology's achievements of 'clearing the planet'

Scientology in the  Tax Courts

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