Thursday, 3 January 2013

The X - Woman: Escapes From Scientology

God Discussion on Scientology

The live show and web-based chatroom will be here:

A big Thank You to Deborah and Al for hosting this show, Sautez for putting it together and all the participants. Interesting and informative, I am left with some thoughts...both Nancy Many and Hana Eltringham have talked about babies and young children dying in Scientology's care. I want to know more about this? What is being done to expose this? Who were these children? Someone must know...

I wonder why the comment I made about rats was edited, however it did remind me of something, the reason Janis and I slept sitting up in the hold of the Apollo, no room to lie down, it was the only place where there was a little light.It was scary down there.

Some people believe out of FEAR that you should not speak out, that it will turn your world upside down, will cause you untold woes you really could live without.They would be right! It can and does cause anxiety, FEAR,illness, PSTD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), ME ( Myalgic Encephalomyelitus),I have lived through them all but I am still alive, I am still here and I won't be going away any time soon.

When I look back to how I worried over what might happen to my step sister, her daughter's and son and the consequences of my speaking out, my old friend Janis and her sister Terri and their brother Peter, I was and to some extent still am traumatized by my own actions. I look at it this way, if every single one of us still never spoke out, what would the consequences be? Scientology still here behaving in the worst criminal way in another sixty years, insidiously plotting to rule the world by clearing the planet.

I still and always have believed that if a belief system ensnares people to commit criminal acts and abuses children in the most hideous ways, then it is that belief system that needs destroying.L. Ron Hubbard's doctrine is the belief system of Scientology, always has been, always will be and it does need to be annihilated.It isn't for the greatest good, of and in itself it is destructive to all people's of all nations.

Anonymous, as Claire Headley pointed out so well, has been a true inspiration to many of us, myself included, young people from all over the world saying 'we don't want this' and rightly so.

I would say to ex scientologist children, both now and then(under Hubbard's dictatorship), do you really want what happened to you to keep happening repeatedly to generation after generation, if you don't, well, the ball really is in your court...

FEAR is what L. Ron Hubbard gave you as an engram.

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