Monday, 28 January 2013

Cruise Control from Taiwan to Tokyo

Today I bought a copy of People magazine so I could read all about Jennifer Lopez, the star, on life,men and marriage. Plus straight talk on plastic surgery, raising kids and Scientology.

We'll skip the life, men and marriage,plastic surgery and raising kids and get straight to the nitty gritty.

On Scientology she says she knows a lot about it because her Dad has been a scientologist for 25 years, though she adds, she isn't one.J.Lo adds she likes the communication and the breakdown of what it is, going on to say there could be a third party on the outside that could be causing conflict that you don't even know about.I'm laughing now because People magazine didn't use any Scientology terminology, and presumably neither did J. Lo.She's on about a Potential Trouble Source (PTS) as any good scientologist or anyone who knows a lot about it would rightly know, and as she fails to mention it, I'll let you know, if there is one of those out there, you're connected to an SP(Suppressive Person).

Now we've got that straight guess who else is inside the People magazine?

Here he is, Cruise Control in Tokyo. No 3 in Scientology.

There's also a 6 page article of horror stories on prescription drugs, all from America.Oh, yes Cruise is in control, but what about the People?

A couple of interesting things happened while I was out, first I found this;

Taiwan TV Reports on Scientology Scam

And then I found this;

Atack Unchained

Great article Jonny!

 I recommend visiting all the links and in particular ' Combating Cult Mind Control' , watch the video and read the top recent news story titled 'A war over mental health professionalism: Scientology vs Psychiatry - Stephen A Kent & Terra A Manca. Well worth the read.

And to think, I only popped out for an ink cartridge, so I could post the article below. Again, many Thanks to the Compiler.

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