Thursday, 3 January 2013

Children in Crossfire

Jane White on Facebook happened upon the fact that the Jives Aces have been booked for the Gala Ball for Children in crossfire, an Irish based charity helping children in third World countries.

I sent their website a message suggesting they might not want to be sponsored by Scientology, they still haven't got back to me, Jane White had her comments deleted from Children in Crossfire's facebook page.

May 6th 2012
Please vote tonight for our friends The Jive Aces in the live semi final of Britians Got Talent (Sun), 8pm.

I found this picture on their facebook page and the Jive Aces are all set to play at Children in Crossfire's charity gala ball.If this isn't preying on vulnerable people I don't know what is? Richard Moore the founder of Children in Crossfire is blind and grew up in Northern Ireland, hit by a bullet, which blinded him.

I sent the Children in Crossfire website two links, here they are:

She said: “Even though I was so young I knew as soon as I arrived this wasn’t a normal place. The first thing I had to do was to sign a billion-year contract.

“It states that every time you die you will reincarnate and rejoin the Scientologists. I was only seven — I had no idea what it meant.

“I became part of the Cadet Org, the child section of Scientologists. I was put into a dormitory with seven other girls.

“My dad was in a totally different part of the mansion and I was only allowed to see him on a Saturday. I was a little girl who had just lost her mum but I was never given cuddles or kisses.

“There wasn’t a caring atmosphere. You don’t get hugs like little children normally do. Parents aren’t encouraged to spend time with their children.”

Shelley added: “We weren’t allowed television, comics, music or anything that a normal child has.

“We were never taken to a park to play, or to the cinema or anything like that. If we went off the grounds we had to be chaperoned. Books were chosen for us and were normally about Scientology.

“We had to wear uniform all the time, even at weekends. It was a navy blue polo, navy blue trousers and dark trainers.

“We had school from 9am to 3pm. The subjects were the same as normal school except there was no RE or sex education. Our teachers didn’t seem properly trained and we didn’t take GCSEs. We had to take different courses, like ones in maths, and after we had finished we had to go in front of the class and take the E-meter test.

“This means holding a sort of can in each hand while the teacher takes an electronic reading. If we didn’t pass, we had to do the whole course again. They call it auditing and you are constantly audited throughout your time with Scientology to make sure you are following their ways.

“There was never any playtime during breaks. Mostly you spent your time in silence — there was never any laughing or playing, like at a normal school.”

After school, the children had to do volunteer work in the grounds.

Shelley said: “It was called chores but I would say it bordered on child labour.

Jive Aces gig guide:

Sat Jan 19th,
time TBC
Northern Ireland, Derry Children in Crossfire Annual Ball, City Hotel, Derry, Ireland (tickets and info from 02871 269 898)

If children are to be nourished, stimulated, educated and protected, then they need to be kept as far away from Scientology and Scientologists as is humanly possible.

When I was a little tiny girl, 6/7 before Scientology took a hold of my family life, they used to hand out little booklets at school with little children and babies pictures from third world countries, we were taught that these children lived a far more impoverished life than us and it was important to raise money to help these children. I was able to raise quite a bit of money, small as I was for whatever charity it was,I always felt for their plight and right now I am sick to the stomach with what Scientology and Scientologists are doing to exploit and make money out of these children's vulnerable lives.

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