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Ernie Martin Class VIII Auditor Speaks about Quentin Hubbard.

I've spoken about Ernie before, he lived at Coopers Wood in East. Grinstead in 1967.In this video he makes it appear he was on the Royal Scotman when the name changed to Apollo, he was not, to my knowledge.

Posted by Dennis L Erlich
I'm afraid Ernie, like most deeply brainwashed scienos, doesn't know the difference between reality and his own internal beliefs. He was auditing Q when Q "decided" to drop his body??? He helped save Q from kidnapping, after Q had already died??? Appears mental.

Appears mental? IS mental!

6. What would LRH say about it?

Actually the idea of the Free Zone was originated by himself. Here is a quote from a report which was given on the American Freezone Convention in Pasadena 2009 by an oldtimer who got this directly from Ernie Martin, a confidant of LRH and friend of Captain Bill:

“The story of the name Free Zone -– I spoke to Ernie Martin about it, and he said that in 1973 Ron had called him aside and told him that things were getting tough, and if they were ever to have any problem they should start a Free Zone of Scientology, and apparently then Bill Robertson was told the same thing. And they took that on a mission, and that’s why Captain Bill used the term „Free Zone“ when he was first... he was the first one to really use the term the way you are using it here.”

(Question from the audience:) “So, the „Free Zone“ was actually originated by LRH?”
“Yes, it was originated by LRH.”"

This of course is not the only reason that we are convinced that what we do in Ron's Org is exactly in line with LRH's intention.

Nah. Everything I just wrote was a lie. I don't remember a damned thing--nothing. It *sounds* like something I would have done. I remember the faces of the crew members/actors, and those would have been people I'd cast--Ernie Martin (Scrooge) was a dead ringer for Boris Karlov,

Quentin Hubbard:

My training was intensive and we were all studying up on the 11th floor above the ballroom. I did my daily training routines with Quentin Hubbard, as were both British and got on very well. I would try to bullbait him in the required communication drills but it was difficult to make him crack up or laugh. He looked mostly depressed and "regrettably present". I used to ask him about Ron and being the son of the "Source" of Scientology but he was not very open about it and I got a very definite impression that he wished he wasn't. He seemed to take that aspect of his life as a liability as it gave him such a hard standard to measure up to. When he bullbaited me it was usually with airplane sounds! I did crack up sometimes as he was funny with the bi-plane impressions and pilot faces etc... We became very good friends in the time that followed. He also admired my artwork (I had some photos of it). I also became good friends with Arthur Hubbard, the artist, and we spoke on many occasions. I was intending to publish a book on art and include Hubbard's Art Series in it. I had a contract with L.Ron Hubbard (secured via a senior Exec Rick Merwin) and Arthur made a cartoon "Tone Scale" of emotions to be part of the book. Unfortunately, due to staff work schedules and lack of funds it never got published. 

One day we sensed an awful atmosphere, and there was a huge buzz of tension. We were taken individually to a closed personal briefing. I was told Quentin had "dropped his body" in unspecified circumstances and "did I need auditing to deal with the upset?" There was a message from Ron that "life goes on beyond death" and that Quentin had gone on, and we must get on with clearing the planet. I was emotionally upset as he was a close friend, but I "felt" somehow he was OK spiritually....It was a huge shock, however.
The last time I saw Quentin was in the "new" internship room on the ground floor by the pool. He was depressed and in despair. I tried to cheer him up but to no avail. It seemed he had been, once again, "busted" by his Dad down from a Class 12 audiitor to "retrain" from the bottom. All his hard-earned certificates had been cancelled and he was a "nobody" among the Sea Org crew of auditors. This had, apparently happened before. I think it drove him over the edge. He looked awful and crushed. I didn't see him again after that. It was, I believe, just a few weeks later that the news came that he was dead. Quentin was a very nice person, a sweet soul, with good intentions and a kind personality. I liked him a lot and missed his playfulness.

It's a silly little detail, but reading through the Coroners report on Quentin it states that he had red hair and a red moustache.

Description: Height 66 1/2 Weight 111  Hair Red  Eyes Blue

Tattoos   None      Scars None identified

Other Identifying Features  Red mustache

Dennis Erlich says of Quentin:
Quentin, or "Q" as his friends called him, was 22 at the time. He looked
15 and acted 5. He was slight, blonde and effeminate in manner.
I also remember Quentin as being blonde or fair haired. I suppose it is possible as he aged it changed. The other three children were all red heads.

Questions indeed, Thank you Smurf.

Ernie Martin at Freezone party 2011:


Ethics Protection.

In 1965, Hubbard issued the policy letter HCOPL 1 Sep 1965 (reissued 5 Oct 1985) entitled "Ethics Protection". In it, he states that "Ethics actions are often used to handle down individual statistics. A person who is not doing his job becomes an Ethics target" and goes on to detail how a Scientologist can protect himself from Ethics punishment by being more productive and keeping statistics up:
"In short, a staff member can get away with murder so long as his statistic is up and can't sneeze without a chop if it's down."
If the staff member's production is sufficiently high (as evidenced by an up statistic), the Scientologist gains an immunity to the Ethics process, even if they have openly committed violations:

"When people do start reporting a staff member with a high statistic, what you investigate is the person who turned in the report. In an ancient army a particularly brave deed was recognized by an award of the title of Kha-Khan. It was not a rank. The person remained what he was, BUT he was entitled to be forgiven the death penalty ten times in case in the future he did anything wrong. That was a Kha-Khan. That's what producing, high-statistic staff members are - Kha-Khans. They can get away with murder without a blink from Ethics.... And Ethics must recognize a Kha-Khan when it sees one - and tear up the bad report chits on the person with a yawn."

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