Saturday, 24 March 2012

Tony Ortega's Stats Day

Russia going about it all wrong!

Whilst banning books isn't something I have much faith in, I can see why they have done it and in many respects I think they are right to do so.On the other hand, this is what Scientology does, tries to get books banned and has succeeded in some instances.It's all about propaganda and only getting one side of the story read. Scientology has over the years gone to so much trouble to only get their side of things aired, that it does seem a shame to stop them now, when they look to be such idiots, and that includes the Independent Scientology movement.

The productive side of banning Scientology books in Russia as I see it is the damage the doctrines of Scientology has on young minds. Whilst there are those that insist that the believing in a religion, even a false one that makes people turn into blithering idiots, mentally damaged, abandoning their families all to make money for a corporate organization is alright as long as no one is being harmed, tell me who is not being harmed here?

I spoke to someone recently, whom another critic had told me was a nutter, I might add they'd never met them, just going by their posts.Well what if that person had been damaged by Scientology, and most people have whom have been under the influence of Scientology. This person got into Scientology in their 20s(years of age that is). The critic was a never has had anything to do with Scientology and feels they have a totally different perspective of scientology due to their never having been indoctrinated. That may be so, but what about the young adult or child or children indoctrinated at a very young age? If Scientology does enough damage to people indoctrinated in their 20s for them to need therapy, how is the young child whose parents have forced them to learn the doctrine of Scientology and nothing else meant to cope in another world when they have left Scientology?

As I have said before, I have spoken to both parents and children whom have grown up in Scientology and they all needed therapy. Smurf once said to me on a message board he thought I should get therapy. I got out on my own over 43 years ago, I've never had therapy and I don't need it now, but by god I could have done with it 43 years ago. There are times within those 43 years I could have done with therapy. Overall though it seems that adults find it the hardest to make adjustments, they just can't seem to believe they have been taken for the biggest scam of their lives.Which is why I believe many of those long term adults still believe there is some good in what they have been indoctrinated into.

I am lucky and I know it, I got out at a very young age.It very nearly was the death of me, and that is where therapy would have been put to good use.Now, things are very different, very different indeed.I don't need Independent Scientologists to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about because I was never trained in 'the tech', the 'tech' these people were trained in is a load of clap trap "hip, hip,hip, hip, hip, hip hooray!" When you find yourself clapping and hip, hip hooraying to a photo of L. Ron Hubbard, know this:

As if these people did not need any more totalitarianism.

There are people in this world who know no better, and there are people in this world whom should KNOW better, but they won't because it will cause havoc with their lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.David Miscavidge is one of them as was LRH. Tom Cruise is another, as is Oprah Winfrey. Fame and Fortune has put them up on a plinth and we'll all bow down to them because they are famous. Get a LIFE! Just one of the reasons I don't watch TV any more.

It's all about corporations and money, Scientology is just one of them, but it's the one I HATE the most because it robbed me of a childhood and it robbed many children of their childhoods, and it also robbed many adults of their lives and their children's lives and their grand children's lives, those that lived to tell the tale.

One of the reasons I love the native American Indians, they told their stories, and passed it on from generation to generation, in song and dance, in bloodshed and love, in the hope that the white man would see the error of their ways. No hope there!

Money, greed, power and down right bloody mindedness and smashing one's name into history is far more important in today's world than caring for one's fellow human beings.

Bring on the Vulture Ministers:

How many vultures does it take to strip the carcase of the Scientology Corporation?

Obviously far more than the Independent Scientologists can muster, because they still support the doctrines that the vultures prey on. OR is that PRAY to?

Hip, Hip, Hip, Hip,Hip, Hip Hooray!


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