Monday, 19 March 2012

FBI Investigation of Scientology.

I could have told you Tony, you were wasting your time.

There was much talk on message boards about an FBI investigation, are you kidding me? If the FBI were doing an Investigation on anything, nobody would know about it, except the FBI and Scientology. End of!

You may think I am an idiot David Miscavige, but I was brought up much the same as you, the difference is, I don't like lies and deceit and frame ups and disconnection and yet more lies and I am not motivated by money. I've never had any, so it does not matter.

You think swanning about in a boat with the rich and famous makes you immortal? Sounds like Science fiction to me, but then you'd know Co$ you stole it all from L. Ron Hubbard.

What matters to me, what will always matter to me is those little kids, the ones that have NO future in the cadet org and the Sea Org and ALL those now adults who went through what we did as young children owe it to ALL those young kids today to fight for the rights we were denied.

Do you really want those children to go through what we did? We have the ability to stop that, so let's do it. You know who we are, and you know where I am.

It's ALL about conscience and I could not sleep at night, can you?

I curse the day I finally started speaking out and there's NO going back now.I no longer have the life I would have wanted, but there are times when I can finally sleep.

Think of your childhood, think of your children's childhood and then think some more of those children who will endure what you did as a child, because you say nothing.

I can't say it plainer than that, I hope you are listening to me.

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