Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Reply to Terril Park's thread on ESMB;

I am posting this here because ESMB will NOT let me post this. I have tried multiple times.
I have spoken to several exes and recently an old time ex scientologist and we are all of the opinion that this breeches freedom of speech. I spent a lot of time writing this to ensure I was not being against board rules. What a crock!

[QUOTE=Terril park;669995]Clearly you need to educate yourself further.

   Halting aging is not possible and will never be so IMO.

   We are really talking about optimum health.

   If one has travelled the third world, I have, one see's people who
seem quite old at age 40 or so. Mostly down to poor nutrition, and that in
itself causes stress. Stress can cause a tenfold increase in needed nutrients. If one dosn't recieve them the body cannabolises from less important areas to keep core parts, heart, brain, etc functioning. Thus
poor skin, muscle and bone for example.[/QUOTE]

Clearly, you need to educate yourself.

This post sounds like you are trying to promote a stress test, it's what scientologists do, it's the earliest form of indoctrination into Scientology.

If you have traveled in the third world then you know how children are underfed, neglected due to lack of resources, many die very young due to lack of resources. Many also die of aids due to lack of education of their parents.

But let's come up to present time in the western world, in America, in England,in fact around the world children are being abused and neglected on a daily basis, some of those children are the children of Scientologists, some of those neglected children are abused daily, are neglected daily, will never know about nutrition and optimum health and how to counter act aging because all they will be studying is L. Ron Hubbard's books. How to be a scientologist. The nearest they might learn about nutrition is the purification rundown.

Amy Scobee took so much niacin she had green gunk oozing out of her body. Now that's really healthy isn't it? Following Hubbard's technology! Is that proof that the purif works or proof that that is not healthy? She didn't know anything else, she'd been there since she was 14, if my memory serves me correctly.

Janis, my childhood friend from the Apollo was indoctrinated from around the age of 4 yrs old, she finally left in around 1996. L. Ron Hubbard was her Guardian. She never knew anything else.

Right now in Clearwater, Florida there are young children and I mean young, 7,8,9 years of age who look to be living in total misery. Do you understand that?They are in the Sea Org, I am not the only person to think they are in the EPF. Do you understand what that means, especially to a 7, 8 or 9 year old? I know you have looked at the thread and yet you choose to talk about something totally benign.Something totally unrelated to Scientology at all.Why would you do that?

You continually tell people you are against the abuse inside of the "church" of Scientology, but where do you ever actually state the abuses?All I ever see and I am sure many others also are your continual "success stories", that miraculously happen when doing scientology outside of the church.

Apparently you had many "wins" on OT III, try telling that to these kids:

Look at their faces and remember them well, next time you post your success stories.

Maybe I don't understand message board rules, well, I'll blame that on my lack of education.

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