Sunday, 18 March 2012

You don't know who to trust anymore. ... It makes it hard for me to know who I should trust.''


That's Scientology in a nutshell, who the hell do YOU trust?

Life away from Scientology did not have these problems, now, even after ALL these years ???

A little kid, like those on the buses doesn't have a hope in hell! And don't tell me little kids know how to deal with this, and don't tell me Margaret  Hodgeson is a wonderful woman and Green fields School only has a hundred pupils, IT IS 100 too damned many! And don't you tell me anything, because YOU were adults, not children when you entered this cult! Children DID not have a choice, and that includes LRHs own children.And do you believe any of us would have wanted this? Seriously! I grant you everyone of us would have chosen a different path had an option been available, but what do you do, you follow your parents, because supposedly they know better. Not always!

So ALL of YOU independent Scientologists can get off your high horses , stop trying to pretend you know everything and get a clue.

You are so damned stuck up your own arse, you wouldn't know shit if it was coming your way, and believe me it is coming your way. Big Time!

Don't you ever try and bully me ever again! EVER! That isn't a threat, It's a Promise!

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