Tuesday, 15 March 2011

St.Hill in the 60s Part 5.

Another inhabitant of Coopers Wood and who went to St. Hill to do scientology courses was Ernie Martin. He was a matador, wether he was spanish or not, I don't know, however, I knew him as Uncle Ernie. He had a full matador outfit and used to entertain us with moves he would perform to entice the bull. As a 9/10 year old this was fascinating, even thought I did not like the idea of him killing animals. He was also a  self proclaimed blackbelt in judo/karati and used to show me moves in self defence. I thought this great at the time, Uncle Ernie was a lot of fun.

I went to his room quite a bit which was situated on the ground floor and we would perform moves in which to enable me to block him and try to get him on the floor.

I had recently been chosen for the school netball team and was a good goal shoot, even though I was tiny for my age. I had been given a pair of black shorts with a yellow stripe down the sides and I loved these shorts, I was so proud to wear them, not only did I wear them, I virtually lived in them that summer. On occasion when Uncle Ernie was giving me these lessons in judo on more than one occasion I was not happy about where his hands went and told him so. He made a reply that he was sorry it was an accident and I readily accepted this.

One evening whilst watch TV in the main lounge of the main house, (where I spent a lot of time)there were quite a number of the scientologists of the household present, the lights were out and I was sitting on Uncle Ernies knee. Uncle Ernie put his hand up my shorts and I shouted out "Stop it". Auntie Betty could tell by the tone of my voice something was up. The lights went on and I was asked what the problem was. So I told her. "This wasn't the first time this had happened and I did not like it". I was told to go home to the annexe.

The following morning Auntie Betty said she was taking me out for the day and did so.
I don't remember where we went, but there was a large market place and she she bought me some dresses, some things for my hair and took me for a chinese meal. I'd never been before so it was quite an experience. We sipped china tea from tiny cups and Auntie Betty told me all about how people ate and drank in China. We had a lovely day.

When we got home, I didn't go to the main house that night, but the following day I went to find Uncle Ernie, only to be told He was sorry he hadn't been able to say "Goodbye" but he had to go in a hurry. I was quite upset and did not understand.

I was about 15 years old when I realised what had happened and was still very upset by the incident.

As an adult now, I fully realise the implications of this incident and with that in mind can't help but wonder why a  so called church like scientology would go on to have within their ranks someone like this.

I have over the last year read much about him and although declared suppresive now, he became a "clear" and I can't help but wonder if this is the same Ernie Martin?

It's strange because I wrote something about this just a few days ago on ESMB, I had not read this then and was surprised when I found it.

“The story of the name Free Zone -– I spoke to Ernie Martin about it, and he said that in 1973 Ron had called him aside and told him that things were getting tough, and if they were ever to have any problem they should start a Free Zone of Scientology, and apparently then Bill Robertson was told the same thing. And they took that on a mission, and that’s why Captain Bill used the term „Free Zone“ when he was first... he was the first one to really use the term the way you are using it here.”

Quote taken from Dartsmohen's post on ESMB:

We had great parties at Grosvenor Road and Ridge Hill Lodge, home to Virginia, Mo and Ollie Budlong. my level 3 & 4 supervisor, Fred Fairchild usually got very drunk. One night, there was a pan of eggs boiling and Fred was so drunk, he would put his hand into the pan and pull out an egg without noticing he was burning. Ernie Martin was a legendary bullshitter and always fun. He looked like skeletor. Anyway, Ernie put on his bullfighting suit of lights and stood on the table. He was so drunk that he could hardly stand. Peter Gelfan had made some "sour" for whisky sour drinks andc Erine just downed the bottle of "sour" without even noticing the taste.

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