Sunday, 6 March 2011

Side Tracked.

First I want to say that this blog is in no way, shape or form connected to The Church of Scientology, The Freezone, Independant Movement or any kind of Scientology "Tech" at all.Now, you could be forgiven for wondering what is scientology 'tech'. Well according to those in the know(and that's not me, apparently), it's a set of tools and processes that are used to help you become a better person. Some of these processes are done using an e-meter.The e-meter has been proven to be a useless device that does not do what one is told it does.It is likened to a crude lie detector. It cannot detect lies, but it dosen't stop scientology from lying about it.

Yesterday, and not for the first time, I had something happen to me online that was a bit bizarre to say the least. I won't go into details just yet, but sufice to say I shortly there after recieved an e-mail telling me quote" You don't understand ,because you are not trained in 'the tech'". Well, thank god for that.For if I was, surely I would be as deluded as those that think it can be any form of help for any unsuspecting human being.Now, don't get wrong I have a lot of empathy for people, of which there are many, whom have had any form of training in scientology, whether it be the 'study tech' or all manor of other quack training routines, touch assists, courses,so called clear and not forgetting the ever prized OT levels which lead you to believe you can attain great powers whilst going up your bridge or should I say LRHs bridge to 'Total Freedom'.I will not be the first to say that the only total freedom you are ever likely to get is by giving up all of this bunk, and the only bridge you are ever likely to go over is a broken one.That's if it doesn't break YOU in the process. And believe me it has broken many, many people.

Which is why I am here in the first place,some of my own family members got caught up in the Scientology movement back in the 60s, and myself as a child lost my entire family because of Scientologys' practise of seperating children from parents and vice versa. The Messiah , L.Ron Hubbard or my Commadore as he was known when I was aboard the Flaghip "The Royal Scotsman" was apparently an 'Operating Thetan' which apparently gave him GOD like powers, in fact according to the voice of Bart Simpson Nancy Cartwright of the hit show The Simpsons, she strives to be that GOD, she by the way is also an 'Operating Thetan'. With these GOD like powers apparently it gives you the right to part families."You are either on board or your not on board, and if your on board, you had better go all the way" according to Tom Cruise, yet another of these 'Operating Thetans'. My GOD, they are everywhere, yes you had better believe it. We have on this planet called earth celebrity Operating Thetans, only they don't call it earth, they call it Teegeeack.

When Tom Cruise tells you to get on board, he wants you to get YOUR ethics in, and start 'clearing the planet'. What does this mean, I hear you cry? It means dear reader, that he expects YOU to help make 'every man, woman and child on this planet into a Scientologist', You could be forgiven for thinking that is one hell of a task, not if you're a scientologist, "because if you're a scientologist, you know",what do you know, well, you know that if you don't make it this life time, not to worry because 'YOU will come back'. That is the sea org motto and if you join the sea org you are expected to sign a sea org contract of 'ONE BILLION YEARS'. If you should die, and there is every likely hood, not to worry, you have 21 years to pick up a new body, but then you must come back. LRH said so, so where is LRH? Thats the question we would would all love to hear an answer to. I heard through the grapevine, that he is still up on Target 2 doing some more research for this marvelous technology of which I am not trained in.
Funny that, because I remember when.........

Tom Cruise uncut

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