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East. Grinstead in 2011.

The East. Grinstead Courier and Observer proudly presents an advert for L. Ron Hubbard's Centennial. The advert reads "Live entertainment followed by a video presentation celebrating L. Ron Hubbard's life and application of his humaniterian programmes".

This is a stark reminder of the propaganda that the science fiction navy of a pseudo "church" like to forward in the pretense of being good, kind and just.

I didn't go to L, Ron Hubbard's birthday bash as who would want to celebrate the life of a man that sold a science fiction life to his followers, took all their money from them and stole their children and families for his own gain.

Instead I visited St. Swithun's Church, It has not changed in all these years, still a magnificent building and hosts three slabs as a stark reminder of what having certain   beliefs can do to you.

The inscription reads: Beneath these stones are interred the ashes of Thomas Dungate, Anne Tree and John Foreman, who were burned to death in the High Street, East Grinstead in 1556, for adherance to the reformed faith.Fideles Usque Ad mortem; "Faithful even until Death".

These three protestant martyrs were burnt at the stake during the reign of Queen Mary tudor.Mary was the daughter of King Henry V111 and Queen Kathrine of Aragon, Mary was a staunch Catholic and actively persecuted Protestants. Her reign saw the burnings of heritics, more than any of the other Tudors, an estimated 248 people burnt to death in less than 5 years.It is thought the burnings of the East. Grinstead martyrs took place on the 18th of July 1556. Traditionally a market day and crowded with people. Burning these martyrs on this day would have had the most impact on the local people.

It is highly unlikely that the ashes are under the stone slabs as "heritics" are not supposed to be buried on sacred land.

One can't help but wonder, who decides what is sacred?

I visited East. Grinstead library and found more books by L. Ron Hubbard than I have ever seen in a library before.

Science of Survival, Introduction to Scientology Ethics, Dianetics, Dianetics 55 -  the Complete Manual of Human Communication, What is scientology, Dianetics -The Original Thesis and a copy of the St. Hill magazine, Foundation Issue 398.

There are pictures of LRH giving lectures and a whole diatribe on Margaret Neil, class V111 auditor, Power C/S, new OT V111, original Flag executive on the Apollo with LRH. She went on to be a Power C/S and Power Plus for a further 20 years.

There is a picture of Margaret Hodkin, which if memory serves me well is that of Hodkin and Co who are a group of Scientology solicitors and send out cease and desist letters to those who would protest scientology.

The fact that these people wore masks to hide their identity because of Scientology's habit of sending private investigators out to track people down is totally besides the point, Scientology have only proven that they still do this, as it is difficult to photograph a masked face. How do you find out who a masked face is? Follow them to their home and then find out who lives there.

How unethical is that?

The anonymous group who wear masks for protection from scientology's army of investigators, have no protection at all from the pseudo naval church.L. Ron Hubbard's land navy have some notion they are the law of the land.

I never saw a single mask yesterday, but I know anonymous were there. A comforting thought.

I could be forgiven for thinking that the St. Hill magazine had been placed there especially for me. There was much about Power Processing and how wonderful it is in furthering one's progress up the bridge.

Joanna Brooks says:

On Power one discovers and resolves those things that pin one to the reactive mind, leaving the person able to move out of it - and once he's done on Power, he's not so likely to go back to it again.

After the new plateau reached on Power, the very next day you do Power Plus and go on up to an even bigger level of release, you didn't think was possible.On Power Plus a person tackles the beings places and subjects he has long detested. These processes visibly increase one's abilities, potentials, intelligence and awareness and free one from major and long standing problems to restore previously hidden powers.

The Power Processes are delivered by highly trained Class V111 auditors who are specifically chosen for their TRs. You are in very safe hands when you do Power and Power Plus at St. Hill Foundation.

It is noted that The green volume of  Introduction to Scientology Ethics was last borrowed on the 12/4/2010. Other Scientology volumes had no date stamp in them at all.

And I quote from "What is Ethics"

The basic travail of man is that he is divided into those who build and those who demolish and , in this conflict of intentions, his fight(whichever side he is on) is always lost.

Or was lost until the Scientologist came along.

At the back of the magazine there was a list of Scientology completions of courses. I went through every name and only recognized one.Out of all those names, just one, that of  Derek Field, long time Scientology accountant, whom I was shocked to find last year, his signiture attached to the accounts for Narconon St. Leonards - on - sea.

It is interesting to note that since I was last in East. Grinstead, the name plaque for Derek Field accountant has gone. I am wondering wether he has retired or been sent to the RPF. No doubt that my writing about him has most definitely put him in some form of Ethics cycle. Whatever the consequences of this, I feel quite bad if that is the case as I know he must be a very old man now, however, one must take responsibility for one's actions and I want to know when the pseudo naval church is going to start taking responsibility for all the harm done to people in the name of science fiction?

There's a couple of things about going into the Lions den of Scientology, East. Grinstead. There is a strange uneasiness of who's watching you, this could be said to be paranoia, but where Scientology is concerned there is much to be paranoid about. It's quite odd, and probably nothing, but on entering the library , going upstairs to the religious section, all was still, the librarian was settled in her chair at the desk, but oddly I enter and she heads straight for the religious section and spends about 15 minutes trying to find the right spot to put one book.It's a curious thing really because I would not even think like that in any other library.

I met someone whilst there who told me a story of man who had been 'with' LRH in the beginning. The man lost all of his money, his wife didn't want to know about scientology and tried hard to stop him spending all their funds on Scientology, he died with nothing, in a DHS hospice and the wife had a hard time trying to recoup some of the money that he had paid courses for but never completed. Yet one more sorry tale of  the world's fastest growing religion while sending it's adherents to the gutter. There is more to the story, but for now at least, I'll keep that to myself to protect the innocent.

Another odd little thing, at least for me. There's a cinema in East Grinstead, that I frequented a few times as a little girl, most bizarre, it's now called "The Crows Nest".

This time I did not meet up with my masked friends, and for the first time in a while going to East. Grinstead, I was not met by the Police wanting to know what my plans were. I still did not make it to Coopers Wood, but passed very close by on the bus to Three Bridges. The scientology education center was deserted, as too was the Montesauri  School next door, sitting there so brightly painted and child friendly, yet so eerily uninviting.

I was told by a lady that Scientology's past was not known by the youth of East. Grinstead today and that the scientologists put on shows for charity and appear child friendly, buying their way into the hearts of unsuspecting good people. "The scientologists are all so lovely" to the uninspecting eye. This isn't the first time an elderly person of East. Grinstead has told me this.

Whilst wandering around the town, you could be forgiven for thinking that East. Grinstead is just an ordinary little old town where not a lot goes on,unfortunately you'd be wrong. There is still an overwhelming fear in East. Grinstead that history must not be forgotten.

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