Wednesday, 9 March 2011

St.Hill in the 60s. Part 2.

In the passageway where a man is walking in the clip 'Weird shit we found in the archives' was where I could see the auditors in session through the windows.You could also see lots of scientologists with head phones on listening to LRHs lectures. On sunny days in summer there would be people out in the passage with desks, tables all busy working away.It was up through here where I ran errands.

Up in the Manor house where L. Ron Hubbard lived with his family, there was a large library that my Father had to keep stocked with books. Once about every three months a white van would come and deliver books to be put on the shelves. All the books that were previously there would have been boxed up and ready to be sent off once the new ones arrived. These books were of all different religions and philosophys, worldly books of knowledge and wisdom, and all though my Father wondered at the time why Hubbard needed all these books, it didn't register until some years later. I helped my Father put these new books onto the bookshelves, he was needed whilst we were doing this and had to go off. "Sharone, I'm going to have to lock you in, as this office has to be kept locked at all times, or you can come outside" my Father said smiling. I didn't mind and stayed locked in the office to fill the bookshelves.

Opposite the chapel there was a low wall, and I'm sure there was a little shop that sold drinks and snacks, after a graduation day one sunday in the chappel, there were a few of us sitting on the wall, one girl had gone 'clear'. I didn't know what that meant, but she was beaming this huge big smile and telling us how wonderful she felt and there and then I hoped one day I would go 'clear'. She just radiated pure joy.

Back home, some of the scientology boarders radiated this wow factor and although I could never put my finger on it, not all scientologists had this.

I came home from school one day to be told my Father was ill, he'd had to go into hospital for a couple of days. I was so lost without him. When he returned, it appeared he had had a bad skin reaction in the sun, whilst mowing the lawn. He assured me he was "alright, now" and my Mother joked that I had been lost without him around, clumsy, forgetful and unhappy. He was home now and everything was alright.

After my second baby brother was born, there was talk of reincarnation, not that I knew what that meant then. Not long before, the great politian Winston Churchill had died and my Father was so excited at the prospect of our baby being Chuchill's thetan. I didn't understand this conversation between my Mother and Father and it distressed me, though I can't say why. I just didn't want my baby brother to be someone else, I wanted him to be him. I was about 8 years old at the time and at school we had been taught that when you die, you are dead. This was a very confusing time, and one that I would find difficult to accept.My Dad tells me one thing and my teacher tells me another, yet they were both instrumental in shaping my mind.

In Scientology, they believe that when you die( in scientology lingo, drop your body) you will float around in the atmosphere and when someone gets pregnant the floating 'thetan'( the dead persons spirit) will latch itself onto the growing embryo to be reborn.
The Thetans didn't like this.......

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