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There is much contraversy about whether or not the belief system of Scientology is harmful or not. I know it is harmful, but there are those that say that if an adult wants to practise Scientology outside of the church then they are quite within their rights to do so, if they are not harming anyone.One could argue this point forever and never get anywhere.Loosing engrained Scientology principles takes a long, hard and arduous look at oneself and it is difficult to give up the beliefs one has had for a lifetime in some cases.

When most people protest against the doctrines of Scientology they say, "we are only protesting the abuses, not the beliefs". When I protest against Scientology I am protesting against ALL Scientology, the abuse, the beliefs, the indoctrination, the disconnection, the slave labour, the belief system that is imposed on young children by their parents.

Engrained into the Scientology doctrine are little bits of truth mixed in amongst ALL of the lies, of which they are  the core principles that keep the faithful indoctrinated.

So where is the line between harm  or not?

One of the beliefs of Scientologists is that you will be reincarnated lifetime after lifetime. If you are a Sea Org member it is said you have 21 years between death and being reborn to find your way back into the fold again. This misnomer is all too apparent to the non believers, for if it was so, L. Ron Hubbard himself is long overdue.

Back when I had only been protesting a short while I was overcome with  sorrow when I watched this young womans story of what happened to her Father.

Some may think this is a one off, it is not, it is all too prevalent within the Scientology belief system.

There is a long list of people who either took their own lives or were convinced that auditing would cure them of  cancer.

Medicine and Scientology

It starts with reading Dianetics and buying into the fact that you have a 'reactive mind'.It then goes on to tell you how we need to obtain 'clears' Initially 'Clear' was the optimum goal, then came the OT levels which I talk about later.

When reading Dianetics, pages 19 and 20, you could be convinced that Dianetics via auditing could cure you of the need to wear glasses if your eyesight was not optimum.

page 20 - Dianetics;
The eyesight was reduced in the aberree on an organic basis by his aberrations so that the perceptic organ itself was reduced from optimum operating function. With the removal of aberrations, repeated tests have proven that the body makes a valient effort to reconstruct back to optimum.

Now what is 'aberration:

page 599 - Glossary - Dianetics:

Aberration: a departure from rational thought or behaviour. From the Latin, aberrare, to wander from; Latin,ab,away, errare, to wander. It means basically to err, to make mistakes, or more specifically to have fixed ideas which are not true.The word is also used init's scientic sense. It means departure from a straight line. If a line should go from A to B, then if it is "aberrated" it would go from A to some other point, to some other point, to some other point and finally arrive at B. Taken in it's scientific sense it would also mean the lack of straightness or to see crookedly as, in example, a man sees a horse but thinks he sees an elephant.Aberrated conduct would be wrong conduct, or conduct not supported by reason. When a person has engrams, these tend to deflect what would be his normal ability to percieve truth and bring about an aberrated view of situations which would then cause an aberrated reaction to them.Aberration is opposed to sanity, which would be it's opposite. This is the most fundamental level of aberration: "If the food smells good, go away from it!" This is directly against the survival intention of the organism.

An 'aberree' is an aberrated person.

What is an 'engram'?

page 613 - Dianetics - Glossary.

Engram: a mental image picture which is a recording of an experience containing pain, unconciousness, and a real or fancied threat to survival. It is a recording in the reactive mind of something which actually happened to an individual in the past and which contained pain and unconciousness, both of which are recorded in the mental image picture called an engram. It must, by definition, have impact or injury as part of it's content. These engrams are a complete recording, down to the last accurate detail, of every perception present in a moment of partial or full unconciousness.

I have put these two definitions here for two reasons, one so that anyone who reads this knows what I am talking about and two because they are a very big part of Mr. Hubbards made up language.

Yet another big irony for me at least, is that had I never been a scientologists' child, and had not gone to join the Sea Org with my Father I would most likely not have had the 'engrams' that Mr. Hubbard so knowledgeably talks about in his book Dianetics.

He created those 'engrams'.

There are many accounts of mal practise of medical conditions in Scientology and if YOU believe Scientology can help YOU via auditing and doing Scientology courses to cure YOU of these ailments, when in fact even though the medical proffession outside of this so called religion, has moved on in leaps and bounds in what they can treat now, has still a long way to go in curing certain illnesses.

In the Real World

Tory Magoo in Scientology,Tv_Interview

Jason Beghe

I'm going to get into the CCHR - Citizens Commission of Human Rights. This was set up in 1969 and brought into being to handle Psychiatry. In laymans terms to make Psychiatry wrong and Scientology right.

For now, I'll leave this here:

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