Sunday, 14 October 2012

Scientology is Scientology

Scientology is Scientology, there is no difference between the corporate "church" or Scientology "Lite", you either follow L. Ron Hubbard's doctrines or you don't! There is no in between, unless you are distancing yourself from L. Ron Hubbard, and eventually waking up to having been conned for most of your life.

The trap of a CULT is set on a gradient, so you do not realise what is happening to you, if it is done from being a young child, it is far harder to let go of the doctrines, they are built into your every breathing fibre, the core of self.

I was listening to Jefferson Hawkins last night, out of all the recent defectors of Scientology he struck me as a decent guy who doesn't bullshit, but even he still believes in the tenants of Scientology. He said himself, after thirty years it's hard to let go of a lifetime, my old friend Janis said she wouldn't let her life have been for nothing, or words to that effect. More recent defectors, Marty Rathbun gave the bulk of thirty years to Scientology and Mike Rinder was in from being a child and comes out in his 50s.I sympathize with some of these people but it does not mean that to carry on using the dictates of a vicious, lying science fiction writer that was in it only for power and money has to continue because these people cannot and will not admit how wrong L. Ron Hubbard was for locking young children up on board a ship

The reason Independent scientology insists on keeping a tight hold on their "religion" is because they have to hold onto something, it makes a mockery of the word 'Independent', they are still very dependent upon L. Ron Hubbard.The sad but funny thing is, L. Ron Hubbard, the one I knew in the 60s would be laughing his arse off at the very people that are keeping this charade going, just like filming and laughing at the overboarding. The abuse that is being committed right now in Scientology is exactly the same as it was in the old days, exactly! Who brought David Miscavige up? His parents? Or L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology?

David Miscavige's Scientology is a reenactment of L. Ron Hubbard's scientology. The abuse is written in the scripture.The main reason all these "Independent Scientologists" still remain dependent on scientology is they rely on one another too much, they have no idea what being Independent is.

Denise Brennan's review of 'What is Scientology' a book by Marty Rathbun, ex Inspector General of Scientology INC.

"See what you see, not what someone tells you to see" - L. Ron Hubbard

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