Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Minsk 2011 - Review 

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Posted by Juras
Dear Mrs. Gardner,
I suppose you would have a different view on this play and this company if you knew about their link with scientology:
the director of "BFT" Natalia Koliada graduated from Hubbard College of Administration in USA, she has nothing to deal with theater, it's all about public relations, emotional manipulation and victim psychology. In Scientology they practice a lot this technique called "auditing" which aims to discover all main traumas and weaknesses of a person in order to have a sort of personalized map of manipulation. When you talk about "scars" that performers show on stage, you could also see that these "scars" are not only real (and this make the "show" amazing) but they are also instruments of control used by directors over actors: that's how this company makes it's cohesion: by forcing members to represent their real traumas on stage. It's more about collective therapy than about theater, I think. And spectators are, of course, also involved in this psychological communion and circuitry of manipulation. Their give to victims on stage their compassion, and their empathy -- and doing this they give more power of domination to directors.

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