Saturday, 27 October 2012

Ethical Actions? The Most Sane Place on the Planet! So we were constantly told.

Goran and David Englehart tossing some degraded being off of the side of the ship, the Apollo, many years later Goran hung himself, what did David do?

Meanwhile Tom Cruise has still got Faith and a mega Medal to prove it:
Kazakhstan eyes banning Scientology:

"Corrupt, sinister and dangerous"' were the words used to describe the Church of Scientology in a judgment given by Mr Justice Latey this summer. He also referred to it as "immoral and socially obnoxious".

On the 28th October 1984 The Sunday Times magazine did an investigative report on Scientology called Sinking the Master Mariner:

Philip Seymour Hoffman: 'You're not going to watch The Master and find a lot out about Scientology' 
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