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We must be free to insult each other: Rowan Atkinson attacks new rules that outlaw 'insulting words and behaviour'

A 16-year-old boy was arrested under the legislation for peacefully holding a placard reading ‘Scientology is a dangerous cult’, on the grounds that it might insult followers of the movement.

No, whatever you do don't insult a cult that is allowed to get away with fraud, extortion, medical negligence, detention without a license,causing alarming psychological breakdowns and deaths for 60 years, but put the words 'CULT, Scientology and dangerous' in the same sentence and you are treading on very thin ice.It's things like this that seriously make me wonder what kind of a world we live in. But not to worry, it's Scientology, they are above the law, aren't they?

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."

Scientology didn't begin "acting" like, or operating as a "church" until 1969, when they were engaged in litigation with the FDA. Hubbard began issuing policies to members such as in Hubbard Communication Policy Letter of 12 February 1969:
"All Orgs are now Churches; Stationary is to reflect fact that orgs are churches; All public literature must state that Scn is religious." It also states, "This may or may not be publically acceptable. This is NOT the point. It is a requisite defense." Hubbard Organization Executive Course,
(1969 version) Volume 6, Page 119


How filmmaker Brian Knappenberger won trust of Anonymous for 'Hacktivists'

Deaths whilst in Scientology's care:

The Suppressives

Chapter 10 The Scandal of Scientology by Paulette Cooper

Another case of someone who displeased the Scientologists is shrouded in mystery and will probably always remain so. According to the London Observer,{29} James Stewart, a thirty-five-year-old encyclopedia salesman from South Africa was suspended from Scientology because the Scientologists allegedly said he had a "history of epilepsy and as such was refused permission to continue Scientology training."{30} Robert Kaufman, a former Scientologist (whose own story will be presented later) was at the Edinburgh Org at the same time as Stewart and reported some things that happened that were not printed in the newspaper.

He believes the Scientologists placed Stewart's[*] name on the bulletin board and put him in a "condition of doubt" for having seizures or fits in public and thereby "invalidating Scientology." Kaufman was horrified that someone would be punished for a physical ailment over which he had no control, especially since the "doubt penalty" meant this ill man would have had to work at menial chores for eighty hours straight without sleep.

A few days after the man was placed in "doubt," Kaufman was even more upset to see the man's funeral and cremation notice posted on the bulletin board. A short while later -- Kaufman believes it was the afternoon he saw the funeral notice -- Kaufman was more shaken when it was announced that the deceased's wife had just gone up another (very high) level in Scientology. Kaufman's suspicion that the eighty-hour penalty was connected to this man's death was heightened when he returned home and one of his Scientology instructors told Kaufman that he had heard that the man hadn't really died at all and that it had all been a mistake.

[*] Footnote:

Narconon Victims that have died whilst in Scientology's care:

So next time anyone has the audacity to call Scientology 'a dangerous cult' be very aware, you are likely to be called a 'religious bigot' and it's the BigOTs of Scientology that will call you that.

Now what was I talking about this morning when I started this post and low and behold I have just come on line, am reading the news stories re Scientology and I came across this little gem:

A media frenzy surrounded the church earlier this year following the divorce of high-profile member Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes, which led to a string of ex-members speaking out in the national media, criticising Scientology.

The demonstration is set to start in East Grinstead High Street at noon tomorrow, with protestors walking to Saint Hill for 3pm.

But the church's public affairs director, Graeme Wilson, said the church was not hugely concerned about it.
"The argument is years old but whoever does turn up is entitled to their freedom of expression," he said.

"The group is made up of people with axes to grind. You could raise the point about opposition with any other religion or organisation; there will always be people for and people against.

"There are people doing fantastic things in our world who get attacked.

"We are very much part of the community and contribute to local businesses.

"With all religions and religious organisations throughout history, there are always bigots and people who want to create religious hatred and intolerance. Name-calling is their usual weapon.

"Any political or religious group always faces opposition, that is human nature, and there are always members of religions who turn against it."

I am falling about laughing right now, Graeme Wilson, will you and Janet Laveaux be hiding behind trees tomorrow or will you send your lackeys out to do it for you. Don't forget your camera.

Hiding in the Bushes: This has to be one of my favorites, watch till the end when OSA has had enough, takes his camera and walks off.I love these kids, they are fantastic!

Last year at the IAS event:

Can't Hide:

The British Government declared Scientology "A Sinister Cult' in 1968 - What the hell happened?

Here's the lowdown on OTs and Superhumans:
The body is a vegetable ... and, like any vegetable, one way or another, it gets used by others.


How very OT:

Who say's this isn't a religion?

You say Satan, I say Xenu

What's that you say — all this is preposterous? Well before we get too judgmental about Scientology's merits, let's do a little religion comparing.

I was raised a Roman Catholic. We didn't have Xenu but we did have Satan, who also got banished to an underground prison after losing a power struggle for the universe. Like Xenu, Satan supposedly is still capable of wreaking havoc with our lives.

And instead of "auditing," the Catholic church performs exorcisms. True, "auditing" is more expensive, but the auditee probably doesn't throw up as much.

You have to wonder why the Scientologists didn't just come right out and tell all this to the IRS, not to mention to the rest of us. After all, if Xenu really looms as such a thetan-shredder, don't the Scientologists have a moral responsibility to forewarn everyone? Why should "auditing" be like higher education and really good medical care — a privilege for the wealthy?


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